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    Maybe it's not so hard to find the "one"

    Slickster, You may have heard through a friend of the boyfriend, a biased view of what's going on. She may be perceived to be cold and *****y when in reality she may be frustrated with the bf for dozens of reasons that have nothing to do with him supposedly supplicating to her. There could be...
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    Tony Robbins and The Game

    The central concept to Tony Robbin's success is his ability to sell millions of units of his products that tell people how to become successful. His "game" is inspiring the people to spend $$ on his "secrets" to life in order to make him rich. If you get inspired by people like him, then...
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    How big of a disadvantage is hairloss when trying to be a dj?

    I've lost most of my hair and now shave my head. Like you, I'm also white, but thankfully my face and head-shape works well for it. Whether you have full lips or not doesn't matter; not sure where you got that idea. I'll take your word that the "shaved-head" look doesn't work for you. You...
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    Most of my friends are women...YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT??

    Dude, I don't see any problem with that. You seem to have control of the situation and your emotions. I think the problems arise for the guys that have trouble keeping their emotions in check. In other words, they rationalize their failed interest in a girl by hanging out with her as a...
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    Do you miss the challange/struggle in pick ups?

    PRMoon and others that say you're successful, Just roughly, out of every 10 girls that you attempt a PU on, roughly how many do you get digits from and then how many result in a date? I'm in the phase just now, where rejection doesn't bother me anymore...I've been stood-up, stone-walled...
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    After Pregnancy: FYI

    Yes, it is very odd and ironic that the more demanding of the two genders in terms of looks go, doesn't actually undergo the body transforming/declining experience of pregnancy. I'm thinking it might be related to biological evolution; men are more looks oriented and demanding of a woman's body...
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    Can women be loyal and trustworthy?

    Supply & Demand I think it was Mack Jr, that said that if 40% of women are loyal, and 10% are HB10's, then you are limited to 4% of women. However, I don't think loyalty is necessarily evenly distributed among the different levels of attractivness, which is your assumption. I think...
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    When did males become females and vice versa?

    Women need men just as much as they always have. The phrases like "women don't NEED men anymore" or "men need to become more useful" are just silly. Usually the women that repeat these phrases over and over unattached, bitter and usually homely. They say these things to make themselves feel...
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    American Women

    <<if you truly knew women anywhere near as well as you believe that you do you wouldn't be here in the first place.>> I've come a long way since my debut here, because of the insight the men have given me on this board, not the blowhard mumbo jumbo you pollute this board with. Its strange...
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    American Women

    LOL Wyldfire: <<Believe what you want...but you've never been privy to what women say when there are no men around. >> :crackup: Please ... stop talking out of your a__ just for the sake of starting a racuous on this board. I HAVE been and continue to be privvy to what women say when...
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    American Women

    Enough with the women bashing. I actually work in an area where its mostly guys, and the guys are just as catty as some of the women you all are complaining about. Why not just evaluate someone as a person and stop looking at things through the lens of women vs. men all the time? I also...
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    After Pregnancy: FYI

    This article is the truth about changes a woman's body undergoes after pregnancy (many permanent). Just in case your under the illusion that pregnancy won't change things... Is it unpopular and superificial? Perhaps. Is it a real concern? Yes ... for women and men...
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    men no longer useful :newspaper

    "it is that they can’t find a decent one." Oh give me a F'ing break! The author of this article obviously thinks of men as knuckle-dragging morons. Maybe the women this author is speaking for are women who think a bit too highly of themselves. Imagine the blowback a male author would get...
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    men no longer useful :newspaper

    F that. I'd rather have no kids than meet a woman with a kid from another dude's spunk.
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    Ten things every single man should own????...

    There may be a grain or two of worth in that article, but for the most part is BS hidden marketing thats all. You don't need $200 pair of shoes to get laid.
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    Are hot looking women shallow, gold digger?

    In total agreement with TCU. Golddiggers give themselves away all the time. They have to because they need to find out what your salary is. :crackup:
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    Older guys or Unattractive Guys & Younger Women

    Where did you come up with the idea that younger guys are more likely to pick up women? If you are comparing 20 somethings to 30 somethings, there really isn't an inherent difference in the attractiveness of the two groups (assuming the older ones take care of themselves). Without going into...
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    Any advice on older women?

    Hey, I'm just going by what I've seen in the news. Older women realizing that all the hype about having kids in the 40's is way overstated. They showcased several women who waited to settle down in order to establish their careers. Then afterwards suddenly realizing that they are just too old...
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    Any advice on older women?

    It's true that women can have babies into their 40's but that is a rare exception. Studies have shown that the probability of a woman getting pregnant after the age of 35 goes down very dramatically. Furthermore, doctors consider women giving birth after the age of 35 high risk. The health of...
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    Women 28+. Clinically insane?

    The case for 30-something women is: -Sexually, they are more experienced, aggressive and desireous of it. -Personally, they may be more settled in their career (the professional ones) and lives are in better order. -Dating interactions are much easier because they play less games, are more...