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  1. Q

    How are we doing?

    Any of the older join dates still lurking?
  2. Q

    Is our society too focused on Safety?

    Is it just me, or are we overly focused on Safety? Everything that happens these days ... All the new laws that get created, all the research projects that get forwarded or scrapped, all the activities we promote, what children are allowed to do ... Is this the product of feminization of...
  3. Q

    Hurricane Sandy

    Anyone here affected by the weather event occurring on US East coast? Post your stories, thoughts, etc. Related links: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/storm_graphics/AT18/AL1812W5.gif http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPAT3+shtml/252035.shtml...
  4. Q

    Liquid vegetables?

    Anyone here do the smoothie thing? Just purchased a blender a few days ago, because I haven't been able to consistently do the fresh vegetable thing. Its pretty easy for me to chuck some spinach, broccoli, carrot, grapes, apple, banana, milk and ice into a blender in the morning while waiting...
  5. Q

    Three month Cut/Recomp

    Anybody else wanna join me? I started a couple days ago (Monday Oct 3 2011). Current stats: 5'9 200lbs ~17% bodyfat (going to get a 'body pod' reading next monday) Goal: (don't care about weight) 10-12% bodyfat -- Diet: [MORNING CARDIO] M1 - 6 eggs, 25g whey isolate, 1 cup oats, 30mL...
  6. Q

    Atlas Shrugged trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W07bFa4TzM Found the book eye-opening, however as usual with renditions, low expectations for the film.
  7. Q

    Check out this lady

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw_ZR86hNQI The hottest woman I've ever seen, tbqh. 9.99/10. Probably stronger than most guys here too. Wife material right there. Her boyfriend is the cameraman. Here is her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/charliejames1975 Wish I knew girls who look like...
  8. Q

    Muscle group deloading?

    Hey guys Been plowing along now for awhile, and last week my bench press was a little weak, combine that with some failed assistance movements, it's time for a deload week. Wondering if it makes sense to deload a certain muscle group (chest, shoulders, tris) and keep hammering away at...
  9. Q

    So how about that oil ...

    Anyone here from the gulf coast?
  10. Q

    "Men are dumb"

    Good article, faces a very real issue. Not a new one by any means, but it's been escalating recently. http://au.askmen.com/daily/austin_60/65_fashion_style.html  
  11. Q

    Quik's Log v2

    Alright, making a new journal because the other one got a little weird over the years, and was a little up and down. Too many false starts and not following through . Going for a fresh start here! Where I am now: Height: 5'8.5 Weight: 88.5kg (195lbs) Bodyfat: 17-18% estimated Tested...
  12. Q

    What if one day Sosuave disappeared?!

    What would you do? Discuss.
  13. Q

    Bench Press form

    This should be a must-watch for anyone who wants a thicker chest. Dave Tate discussing Bench Press technique: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh3t6T-nqP0
  14. Q

    For those that like to learn:

    Personally I can't get enough of this stuff. This is for those that see there is more to life than chasing pvssy, and are interested in a variety of subjects. Very fascinating stuff, most of the subjects are worldly and interesting. http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector...
  15. Q

    Large Hadron Collider

    http://public.web.cern.ch/public/en/LHC/LHC-en.html\ http://www.lhc.ac.uk/the-big-questions.html Am I the only one who finds this stuff fascinating?
  16. Q

    Kidney beans?

    I'm thinking of making chili with all the ground beef I buy. Usually when you make chili, you add kidney beans. My question is whether they're allowed on a low/no carb diet or not. I know they contain carb per se but do they have the same affect on insulin as fruits or grains? I suppose I'll...
  17. Q

    iPhone, anyone?

    So who here has an iPhone? I bought one last week and I gotta say it's worth every penny! Time magazine labelled it "invention of the year" and while I don't agree that it's an Invention, it still rocks! P.s. I'm writing this message while at the gym on my iPhone :)
  18. Q

    Any inventors/entrepreneurs here?

    I have a goal of owning and running a small/personal business within the next three years, and owning a successful company that I can "step back" from within the next 5-8 years. This isn't out of the blue, I've had this notion for years now, but only since entering university and realizing...
  19. Q

    New H&F Mod!

    We're adding TheVirtualMind to the H&F Mod team, so if you have any questions or need some help, feel free to tell him your problem as well. Welcome TVM! :D
  20. Q

    DJBC - WEEK 2 - Group Blue

    "Gentlemen, I congratulate all of you here, because you have completed the first week. This should encourage you to keep going: You can do it! This weeks exercise will be talking to strangers. You know, any stranger, young, old, male, female, whatever. Good luck, keep it going." Those are the...