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    Women in Japan

    Anyone been to Japan? How easy is it to pull women there? I really want to hook up with some Japanese women. Got a bit into them recently. Any advice on pulling out there? Cheers.
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    I was just thinking, what would we do if we didn't have beer in this world? It would be unthinkable...
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    3-2 Utd. Come On!

    Did anyone see the Utd v Milan game. Fan f****** tastick! So what does everyone reckon. Is the treble coming our way?!
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    Is the USA property market crashing???

    Could you guys over in the US tell me if the property market is crashing? We hear it is in the press but I would like to know off people on the ground. If so has it bottomed out and would it now be a good time to invest in a property over there or wait a while? There's a good exchange rate...
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    2007 New Year Resolutions

    Mine- 1) Gain a stone in weight. 2) Clear my Debt. 3) Chat to one new girl a day. 3) Travel to 3 new countries. 4) Learn Spanish and Hungarian. 5) Do a charity mountain climb & raise £2k for them. 6) Complete my MSc. 7) Get a mortgage on my off-plan property. Think...
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    Swimming & Gaining Weight

    I am trying to avoid any form of aerobic exercise as I try and gain weight and weightlift. Quick one- Will swimming on a regular basis help me tone up or make me lose weight which I don't want? Cheers.
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    Acne Scars

    Anyone out there suffered from acne in their youth? Am curious really. I did a bit and its left its mark in the form of a few scars. Got to say though its not really affected my game any more. Used to get to me a few years back but know I feel alright with the more rugged look. Seems...
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    When friends spend all their time with their g.f?

    What does everyone do when their best mates have no time except for their new girlfriend? Got a great friend but I cant be asked with him anymore. Probably called about 3 times since xmas and cancelled twice on going out drinking at the last minute. ****ing annoying.
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    When to change jobs?

    I work as a Construction Manager which is fairly well paid. The problem is the hours are long- 60/week if you count travel and I meet absolutely f*** all women in the day due to working on building sites. I've got sick of it and am thinking of getting an office job in my local city with a...
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    Easier with age?

    AS you hit your late 20's/ yearly 30's does attracting women get so much more easier based upon your greater maturity and wealth? My brother is in his late 20's and he believe's that once youv'e got a good career by around the age of 27yo, women literally start falling at your feet as they...
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    Greatest Cities

    Love visiting new cities. My top five. 1) Manchester- England 2) Mexico City 3) New York 4) Barcelona 5) Amsterdam Any additions/ recommendations for a must see next year?
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    Mature Jerk- such a thing?

    Guys, Having recently turned 25 I would appreciate your thoughts on: Acting a Jerk V Acting mature. Personally I think women love the jerk personality and although it gets me a lot of attention I do think that many girls think that I should act more mature for someone with a quarter of...
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    A Man's Personality

    Guys, got a question for you. Looking at my friends, those who are most successfull with the women could all be described as 'extrovert' whilst those friends who remain single could generally be described as 'introverts'. I know its a generalisation but was interested in seeing if you...