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    How do I toughne up my mates?

    i went to a similar school when i was ur age after i had just moved into the neighbourhood. i spent about 2 weeks trying to see a brightside to it, but the teachers sucked and it was 99% chavs. told my parents about it and they appealed to another better school and got me in there. it was a 25...
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    It's not impossible for flowers to bloom and grow next to graves.

    I still luv ya spoon man even if y'are a bit ****ed up :P
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    It's not impossible for flowers to bloom and grow next to graves.

    if ya wanna hear something really ****ed up ask Matrix about his theories on morality :)
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    So if I capsize on your thighs, high tide, B5, you sunk my battle ship

    Outstanding. Breakthrough. Masterpiece. Bible Material. Or maybe this has been said a squillion fricking times.
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    Holy crap, just witnessed sumthing... Friends to 2nd base in 4 hours

    Nah definitely a *****. But anyway, were they actually friend friends to begin with or were they like aquantances because there is a huge difference.
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    a really BIG question

    omg are u kidding me? You actually think this is: 1) Going to help him with his depression when he realises that he's being a third wheel and is basically being a loser. 2) Do anything to spark more interest in this girl. Probably the stupidest poll EVER. Ok, doesn't beat that "which DJ...
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    Your DJ'ing Style

    So what type of dj'ing do you have? As every DJ should, I've been calling into quesiton my own personal style that I have developed which I believe is too C&F at times. Is your style laid back, hyper, C&F, tiny bit of C&F but mostly just chit chat etc etc?
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    This will be fun...

    Yeah it's pretty dam funny, however understand that what you're doing is just flirting -> going from flirting to action is a bigger step than most ppl think. I you're aim was to hold her to her word then you won't 'get' any from this. However she will find it damn funny and the idea of sex with...
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    hey i have a huge problem

    ....sigh That was more worthless than this thread.
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    hey i have a huge problem

    Like Oh My God fullstops (.) are you're friend.
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    In trouble with the girls parents..help

    Too many people many incensere (sp?) apologies, it's just fake and worse than not apologising. Do what drix said.
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    I don’t understand it...

    nah tbh i'm with oreo on this one.
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    Security Officer Pickups

    obviously a man of integrity ;)
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    Security Officer Pickups

    awww come on, use your creativity! I would have loads of fun in your position messing around with HBs you: "excuse me maam, your left shoelace is undone - that's a potential safety hazard" her: "oh im sorry - there we go" me: In a double knot please her: ok me: (playfully) now tuck in...
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    Creating mystery caused by being shy

    That's a very pessimistic (spelling?) and negative view of the world. If that's true then y have so many people tried to help you? BTW in case you haven't realised it yet - the concept of mystery is a minor minor minor technique that shouldn't even be bothered to be implemented - just don't...
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    Smooth has an actual question for you...

    When ur in a crowd and she acts all happy to see you etc, and then when you're alone she pretty much ignores you.
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    Creating mystery caused by being shy

    I'm gonna make this snappy: 1. Read the Bible part on convo (yes again). 2. Try new exciting scary things ALL THE TIME ie asking a girl out.
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    My wonderful night...part II

    hm... uuhh... well done! I've still yet to accomplish one my "things to do before i die" which is to have sex in school. I'm gonna have to start working hard on that. :)
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    an older guy?

    Shoulda PM closed her and then posted it :)