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    Successful cold approaches but no dates

    Several girls have already given me their numbers after cold approaching them. Every one of them (the ones who gave me the number) looked very "swept of her feet" - very engaged in conversation with me, maintaining strong eye contact, smiling all the time and little bit shy, not knowing what to...
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    Why some men get literally any girl they want?

    There are men who are not neccessarily players but they know how to get a woman they want. When there is this ONE girl/woman they are really into, they can just get her, sooner or later. How do they do it? Many dating coaches say that as the very first thing you should try to notice if the girl...
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    How to pick-up a cashier

    I was in this situation many times. What worked for me is to go there often so she remembers me and we just get to know each other step by step/shopping after shopping. But actually, what to do in a situation when she works there just one time per week and you know you can just come there one...
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    How to recognize if girl wants relationship or just sex

    I think my biggest problem in dating right now is that I cant seem to recognize when a girl wants just a casual hookup and when she wants a serious long term relationship. That causes me to do 2 things: I treat relationship girls like hookups and hookup girls like relationship material. It is...
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    Approaching stranger girls/women (when, how + closing)

    This is a topic which is really important for me and I believe also for many others because of many reasons. But most importantly, I think many men feel like me, that they are really social and good with women if they are talking with them already but the issue arises when you haven´t talked to...
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    How to deal with "cold" hot girls

    It is an irony that the hottest girls are usually "cold", but yeah. In my experience it is like that. I have several female friends who are extremely hot, beautiful, I do not use those rankings but if you will they are 10s for sure. All of them are really friendly when you get to know them...
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    I realised I feel something to her

    There is this girl. We have known each other for almost 10 years, we were classmates at high school , now we are at universities so we dont see each other very often. But we are from the same town. Over all those years, she sometimes flirted with me. And it was not just flirting, I know that...
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    What is the mentality of this girl?

    There is one girl I like a lot. We have known each other for almost 10 years as class mates. We are now both at universities. throughout all these years she made clear signs she likes me but I was too immature for a relationship. She recently broke up with her boyfriend. She was with him for 3...
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    Going out with a girl after breakup

    Im gonna go out with a girl I like. Ive known her for 9 years. She broke up with her boyfriend maybe a month ago. We dont go out for a date, we just go out to talk. My question is, should I talk with her about their break up? Like what happened and so? Or its not suitable? Honestly Id like to...