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    Picking up Chicks (comments?)

    That article is both really funny and surprisingly accurate. Nice find!
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    Gonna ditch my trainer. Is this a good routine?

    I agree, less reps, more weight. Train in the 6 rep range for a month or two and build up your strength and put on more mass.
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    How does a TA get with chicks (after the semester's over)?

    I was a TA for first year comp sci back in university. Lots of arts students since they had the class as a req. I sorely regret not hitting on the girls in my labs. Please do not repeat my mistakes. :) I agree with Ulrick to keep it very light till the class is over as you dont want her...
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    How do you guys keep your cool when newitis or oneitis kicks in

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    The "initiative" test... to pick up or not to pick up

    If she owns a car I would probably meet her there. If she doesent its probably best to go pick her up cause public transpo suuuucks.
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    You want to be a Player - Why?

    Great post!
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    Studly car types

    This is going to sound gloriously cliched but I think how you drive matters just as much as what you drive. I see lots of guys who drive all aggressive and wreckless. People tend to alter thier personality when they get behind the wheel of a car. Dont do that. Be smooth, exude confidence...
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    "Buy me a Drink."

    Good to see everybody is on the same page. :)
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    Losing faith in the quality of women in bars. LOL!

    So true! Why isnt this in the bible already? These days I just go to have fun. Work on my dancefloor skills, enjoy the eye candy, blow off a little steam. There are some quality girls at bars and people have formed LTRs off bar pickups but the odds are definitely against it!
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    Age Limit for clubs?

    **** no. I still go out often. If they ask why you are alone you just say something like 'My friends were all busy tonight but there was no way that was going to get in the way of having a good time!'.
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    What makes a girl attractive to YOU personally?

    She has to be in decent shape. Thats the only deal breaker. Personality is starting to weigh in surprisingly heavy these days.....
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    Gain an Inch?

    Lose 35lbs eh? Call me crazy but I suspect that slimming down to 6'1" 135lb will probably hinder me more then the extra inch will help! ;) (especially since I am ever so slowly trying to get to 190!)
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    Oh, how the player got played!

    I feel bad for you but damn... 2 hours a night! Lesson learned the hard way!
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    push ups and sit ups..

    Dont entirely discount bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight training is an excellent way to start building muscle. Start with doing three sets of 15 with 30 second rest intervals. When that gets easy start doing more. When that gets easy start doing them off your sofa. When that gets easy start...
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    Pu$$ification of Man

    Heh for the record I was born and raised out west in Edmonton, Alberta. For Americans who need to draw a parallel think Texas. The premier of Alberta, Ralph Klein once got drunk, stumbled into a homeless shelter and got into an argument and quasi brawl with a bunch of bums about them getting...
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    Pu$$ification of Man

    Of course I speak from experience. You dont live downtown in a major population center without having to interact with gay men every now and then. If they hit on you 'sorry im straight' tends to work wonders. As for not playing any sports I played both hockey and baseball up till the age...
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    Pu$$ification of Man

    I can sympathize with that. Sounds like you have a seriously messed up dude there. I fully agree, if you are going to swing that way you should be straight up about it. Anyhow, all im saying is that I live in a very diverse section of town where there are alot of gay men (its not boystown...
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    Pu$$ification of Man

    You know im seeing alot of hate in this thread. Homosexuality isnt exactly a new concept yet from the looks of things several of you seem to feel that societal adaptation to this long standing sexual preference is going to cause the downfall of mankind. Un-****ing likely. Now I dont agree...
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    For those DJs that have sisters...

    Your story reminded me of something my sister did last week. She is two years younger then me and visiting eastern Canada/me on vacation. I met her down in Toronto and we went out clubbing with a bunch of her friends. She then proceeded to give MY phone number out to random guys. Goddamn...
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    Tough guys and dumbells

    Whaaaat? Going slow on the negative/eccentric motion is one of the best ways to increase mass! In fact its one of the most effective parts of the entire lifts. Eccentric training induces, increased hypertrophy of the distal portion of the muscle (english translation: muscle growth!)...