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    Your DJ'ing Style

    So what type of dj'ing do you have? As every DJ should, I've been calling into quesiton my own personal style that I have developed which I believe is too C&F at times. Is your style laid back, hyper, C&F, tiny bit of C&F but mostly just chit chat etc etc?
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    A rare question aimed towards someone in particular

    Jester: You seem to be a smart dude that knows what he's talking about. However I'm confused to how you say C&F shouldn't be used? It's important to not go overboard - but not at all? It'd be nice to see it from ur perspective. BTW I totally agree with u a while back when u said flirting can...
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    Take those earphones out!

    This is a quick tip that really helped me in my newbie stage (hence this is out of experience) and indeed even my current stage with my sociability and confidence. Do you enjoy blasting your earlobes into submission with some Heavy Metal whilst walking down the street/on the bus/on the...
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    FragMentor's Rants - Too much bullsh!t

    Warning: This post is damned long. If you are going to read it then please: a) read the whole thing or don't read it at all. b) don't reply without reading the whole thing. c) understand I'm likely to get flamed to pieces for challenging certain mentalities and this is not an ego trip...
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    losing fat whilst gaining muscle?

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    Pre-start question

    Hey people, I'm 6' and weigh in at 150 lbs. My upper body is pretty skinny, very little muscle and yet I do have a visible fat roll on my belly and my ass + hips are HUGE. I've got a 2 month bulking up plan and I know that during this period I must do absolutely "NO FVCKING CARDIO". Anyway, I...
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    The Flirt Zone: a Realisation

    As I continue my travels through the theories regarding everything that is DJ a realization has hit me, one which I don't believe I have read anywhere else on this site: The phenomenon that is 'The Flirt Zone'. This is a grey area that I have frequently found myself to become stuck in with...
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    Pet Names

    Just interested to hear some opinions and experiences of using pet names. I rarely use them, but when I do (usually during a greeting) I've found the results to be fairly positive. "Hey sweetie" "Hey Honie-buns" "Hey, it's my favourite Shnapple Apple" ^ lol - they're pretty funny...
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    Nuke these spots

    Well I haven't asked a question in a while; flaming seems to be taking up a lot of my time now :) But anyway, my spots are really starting to piss me off. I wash my face twice every day, 1st with warm water and then i splash cold water on my face and still they keep coming. Occassionally i put...
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    Let Go and Get Back On That Horse.

    I've been studying the ways of the DJ for probably 2 years now (as many of the regulars know). But, about 2 months ago my confidence started to slip. I'm telling you guys this for 2 reasons, firstly - the lesson that's learnt and secondly so I can analyse my current situation. So anyway I've...
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    Political Conversations

    Just wanted to get some opinions on political conversations with girls. What you guys think - good/bad? I was talking to this hot 9 the other day who seems like such a dense blonde but then just for a laugh i asked her about something political (namely the iraq war thing) and man she had some...
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    HS DJ Pickup Challenge - Day 2 and 3 Scores

    Last 2 days in a row - 0 numbers. Quite disappointing. 2nd day i was sick and didnt go out at all. Today (3rd Day) I could have but didn't pull it off. BTW I've realised one major flaw with this whole challenge - it hasn't been stated in the rules that you shouldn't actually already know the...
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    HS DJ Pickup Challenge - Day One Scores

    Well since I'm in the UK (we're +- 6 hours ahead of the States) and I won't be going out again (work work work) I guess it's end of Day One for me. Counting up the scores: Day One: Numbers Gained = 2 Rejections = 0 Bonuses = 0 ---------------------------- Total Points for Day One = 6...
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    Learn from the Oldies!

    Hey HSDJs, I was just looking through the forums searching and suchfor... well... attention deficit disorder (i am 100% convinced i have i). But anyway i found this awesome post from people that have left high school and talk about what they would have changed...
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    New Group for High School Speed Seduction

    A new Forum has been created dealing specifically with Speed Seduction in High School. No money's being made - just us HSDJs learning how to get any girl infactuated with us. Goto: http://www.furyhardware.co.uk/dj Or: http://cgi.fragmentor.plus.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php Get that 9.5 wet! ;)
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    overflirting vs intimacy?

    i hope i'm not the only one having problems with this. Is it possible to over flirt with a girl? sometimes i'll make fun of a girl, neg-hit her and such until it ends up being a sort of flirting battle between the two of us, everytime we see each other. The major problem i'm having with this...
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    This has been bothering me for quite some time now

    OK, so you're at high school yeah and several of the girls are attracted to you. These girls are in your classes and they look at you, a lot. Being a DJ what the hell kind of response do you give with this sort of glance. She's grinning like crazy, what should a real DJ do? ignore her? smile at...
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    how the hell did i manage to kill it?

    ok, so here's the deal. I'm 16, this girls 18 (older women: ooh yeah), she cute and probably a 7.5 in my books (fairly high). we go the same school. she's been attracted to me since we first met, she's texted me every day since (that's about 3 weeks everyday), but we never really managed to like...