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  1. Black Widow Void

    Do you voluntarily wear a mask in public places

    Poonani Maker I didn't have time to watch the entire clip, but I did look up an individual that was mentioned and liked his viewpoint.
  2. Black Widow Void

    Do you voluntarily wear a mask in public places

    Just curious... and if curious of my answer, it's "no."
  3. Black Widow Void

    What's your Ideal Reality?

    Personal goals are subjective and I often wonder if goals of today might be similar to someone wanting a tattoo or a mullet hair style (personal aspirations, goals and achievements change no different than a woman's emotions ). If somebody wants something bad enough, they can achieve their...
  4. Black Widow Void

    Covid – 19 concerns, and her ex is back in the picture. Advice please

    I prefer to not filter other members. Provide some forum links... where you aren't posturing or recycling overused cliche's ... and I'll keep an open mind toward your 'wisdom'
  5. Black Widow Void

    Covid – 19 concerns, and her ex is back in the picture. Advice please

    And with 3,360 postings to his name (in just a little over two years). ... We can conclude that over the past couple of years he's been "too busy" with something, but I'm not sure it's been... "getting more girls."
  6. Black Widow Void

    Covid – 19 concerns, and her ex is back in the picture. Advice please

    Remember that moment... when you were apathetic toward her expressing that she is still interested in her ex? Her reaction that night and verbal expression that morning rewarded your approach . I suspect that if you reach out (rather than her doing the extending)... that there will be more...
  7. Black Widow Void

    She keeps me waiting

    If we peel back the layers, *she* isn't keeping you waiting. You are allowing yourself to wait around. That's not a put down by the way.. I've been there and most here probably have at some point. As long as there are other aspects that you enjoy about her and you're not overly frustrated...
  8. Black Widow Void

    Who is thinking of breaking no-contract with their exes?

    Any form of the flu will have its affect. This current one is no better nor worse. The point is, if we have no pre-existing health conditions, we need not get into a tizzy (or for gods sake, we need not publicly fashion those stupid sissy masks).
  9. Black Widow Void

    How does a dude get a chick like THIS?

    I realize that this is the season for the second coming and stuff. ... but with this being said, that's still no excuse for resurrecting Biggoal.
  10. Black Widow Void

    Women and anxiety

    Not sure if my advice can compete with the originality of the above post person. I'm sure that this guy has a harem at his feet. Seriously though... I've also noticed certain patterns within women that I've dated as well. My personal thoughts and theories may not apply to your situation, but...
  11. Black Widow Void

    i don’t like having to answer to a woman

    This comeback will work, but if applied with the wrong voice tonality, it will work against you. You: "Should I pull my wallet and show you my social security card #? I'm guessing that this'll be next." then give her a friendly smirk and change the subject.
  12. Black Widow Void

    New guy: Looking for tips to build up Social Media & how to appear less needy

    Welcome aboard. Stick around and you'll get varied perspectives and probably learn some new tips. While this pattern might suck, the fact that you recognize a pattern is a good sign (this will provide you knowledge on how to change said pattern). Also, the fact that you're not blaming others...
  13. Black Widow Void

    Is She a Calamity?

  14. Black Widow Void

    Is She a Calamity?

    There's a good chance that those men in her past were at one point treated nice (or at least they thought they were). You've seen the outcome already. This one sounds like a textbook black widow. Avoid.
  15. Black Widow Void

    Do you seek Love or Sex?

    Neither of the two are bad, but my answer doesn't fall between these two. My answer would be companionship.
  16. Black Widow Void

    re: Rules Enforcement - Political Discussions

    Thanks Atom Smasher. As mentioned in my initial posting, I recognize that this isn't my forum and I am under no entitlement to any explanation. When I notice a new forum member, I attempt to make them feel welcomed .. even going as far as to counter-attack older smug-appearing members that do...
  17. Black Widow Void

    re: Rules Enforcement - Political Discussions

    Ohso-Phresh As far as members in political postings using the terms "right" or "left" ... how is this different than the non-political postings which accuse members accuse (usually new members that never return) of being weak and "beta? The latter seems *much more* common. samspade I disagree...
  18. Black Widow Void

    re: Rules Enforcement - Political Discussions

    @Ohso-Phresh The 'hi-jacking' and postings that morph into other topics isn't uncommon. The un-commonality though is the stronger scrutiny toward political postings (than other topics). Although some postings might contain inaccurate facts, the great thing about this forum.... is having such...
  19. Black Widow Void

    Red Pill ruins romantic music

    I grew up with a lot of the "boy meets girl/ boy loses girl" type songs. When I was younger, I could identify with a lot of the lyrics. Now... I still attempt to enjoy the melody of those old songs, but lyrically... I can't listen to them the same way.
  20. Black Widow Void

    re: Rules Enforcement - Political Discussions

    Since my first computer that was capable of going on line, I've always had a love/hate relation with the internet. The one positive is that this allows those of us in search of broader thoughts, perspectives etc... to go beyond our local 'real-life neighborhood' circle (this includes...