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  1. ShePays

    Corona virus has given us some awesome memes

    I've noticed the talking heads starting to refer to it as ''the 1918 influenza epidemic." I can't wait to see them squirm when someone brings up German Measles.
  2. ShePays

    When They Block You...

    Sounds about right
  3. ShePays

    i don’t like having to answer to a woman

    She doesn't sound submissive.
  4. ShePays

    Dont be this guy

    Is this the traditional way to apologize for sleeping with all her bridesmaids the night before the wedding?
  5. ShePays

    Help with transitioning-Feminist to Put

    I think starting this thread was a positive move, and that it's mostly well-received...and certainly opens you up to a broader range of viewpoints than just keeping it in that other thread. You have nothing to regret.
  6. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    A previous post of mine, with which you took issue, was prefaced by the disclaimer that it wasn't medical advice, that I'm not a medical professional, and that it was based on advice given to me by a biochemist, not an M.D. Still, you ignored the disclaimer and ancillary information, and...
  7. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

  8. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    Feel free to be as paranoid as you like. It would actually be amusing, if the implications of sewing mass panic and hysteria weren't so serious. However, you do realize that just blindly following the political/media consensus doesn't mean you aren't delusional, right? Look. I'm a bit of a...
  9. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    We're being f ucked with.
  10. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    I didn't state for a certainty. Perhaps you have difficulty with subtlety; so, let me be more direct: If I come down with something with all the symptoms of food poisoning, I'm not going to the hospital, for medical verification, to satisfy weird online skeptics. If I have the symptoms of Wuflu...
  11. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    I was pretty clear that I have no intention of getting tested. Why would I? I don't give a f uck what you think. Get over yourself.
  12. ShePays

    I’m cutting my dad off and you should too

    I knew someone who refused to talk to his father for 30 years, simply because his father wouldn't pay for his college...until he learned(from a 3rd party) that his father was dying of cancer...and then he couldn't really remember what the big deal was, any longer. Everyone has reasons, some...
  13. ShePays

    I’m cutting my dad off and you should too

    If your dad is spineless, and his spinelessness has caused you direct harm, I can understand your feeling that way. But, I've known people who cut their fathers off, at a young, impulsive age, only to deeply regret it, many years later, when it was too late to do anything about it. If your...
  14. ShePays

    Prince Harry

    I never said she was unattractive, only that no woman is attractive enough to justify a man upending his life over her. I wasn't saying "Megan Markle isn't attractive enough to ruin a man's life....but a 25 year old Denise Richards...now THAT's another story." Exactly zer0 women are that...
  15. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    With a powerful set of binoculars, perhaps.
  16. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    The News Media distorts reality, and only idiots blindly trust politicians.
  17. ShePays

    What would you do if you were King?

    I'd require full disclosure of every abortion, birth, and STD a woman has ever had, to the prospective groom, at the time a marriage certificate is applied for, and a mandatory waiting period of at least two weeks, prior to filing a completed certificate, to provide the prospective groom time to...
  18. ShePays

    would you sleep with woman infected with covid if you were desperate

    Lungs are only likely to be permanently damaged if the patient goes into ARDS, which isn't unique to Wuflu.
  19. ShePays

    Covid-19 = Flu

    I'm pretty sure I've already had the Wuflu, but I'll probably never really know, because I'm not running off to get tested. It's gone; so what's the point? I'm pretty confident that 10s of millions of Americans have already had this, if not more. The real fatality rate will turn out to be M U C...