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    How Would You Respond

    Sent her "No worries. When you're not feeling like a packet of broken biscuits (it's an inside joke) let me know and we'll arrange that drink" Not expecting a reply so deleted her number.
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    How Would You Respond

    First time (last week) her excuse/reason for not going out was because she was having an early night because she had been out most nights that week (she was off work). She said we should go for drinks very soon though. Hit her up yesterday after not hearing from her in a few days. She...
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    How Would You Respond

    Trying to take this girl out. I suggested going for a drink tomorrow and her response was "Ugghh - I went to a gig last night and drank way more than I was intending. I don't want to even think about drink right now". This is the second time she's knocked back the offer to go out (she gave a...
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    Had my first ever tinder (OLD) date last night

    Did she have body pics on her profile? Face photos only pretty much means they're overweight and they know it. Plenty of fat girls out there that will show their body but they normally call themselves "chunky but funky" rather than come to terms with what they actually are.
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    What to say..

    Normally I don't struggle coming up with things to say but I am now. Some back story. I was getting tattooed a few months back and got talking to one of the female tattooists guesting at the studio. However it turned out that the guy (also guesting) that was tattooing me was her boyfriend so...
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    Cancelled Netflix

    You sound fun.
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    What hair cuts are popular now?

    For me it's been growing my hair long. I'm probably at shoulder length now and all my plates love it. I joke about cutting it as it was only supposed to be a grow my hair for one year thing and they all say don't do it. It helps that I've got a big beard and tattoo's mind. I'm kinda like a...
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    Any successful stories of escaping the friend zone after initial attraction?

    If she doesn't like smoking, there's a compatibility issue. There you go. Move on.
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    Full proof system to getting laid now I know there is going to be back lash here , it all boils down to location .

    It still reeks of desperation. If you're that desperate, you might as well just buy a Thai bride.
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    made girl *** 20+ times

    Honestly this reads like it's coming from someone who's over compensating. "Yeah bro made this girl *** 20+ times. Probably more actually but I stopped counting at 15. Just telling you before I forget cause it happens all the time. Can you tell I have sex"
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    Dealing with Ghosting vs Flakes

    You shouldn't have waited two days to reply. You're on here wanting to know why she's ghosted. Now imagine what she must've thought when you disappeared after asking you out. She more than likely thought you weren't interested and moved on. Never forget that women these days potentially have...
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    Gaming low interest/not interested/shy

    It's possible but not worth the time or effort.
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    All women are ****ed in the head

    Yet you're the one taking the time to create a thread about her because she ignored you.
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    When they're busy

    Three weeks consists of 504 hours. Do you really think chick 1 hasn't got an hour free to spend with you?
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    The carousel

    Yeah man, I wasn't having a go. Just always find it funny when a guy will complain about a woman's body count, call her a slut etc, but has no problem doing the same, because it makes them an "Alpha".
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    The carousel

    Yep. High body count: "Her vagina must be stretched and battered." Women with one sexual partner (who they've ****ed 1000's of times): "She'll be ultra tight". The logic doesn't work
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    The carousel

    Just out of curiousity what's your body count? More or less than 16? Also I'm assuming you've never had drunken meaningless sex?
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    This is why I can't take online dating seriously

    I get what you're saying, but at the same time you're contradicting yourself. You say online dating doesn't work, but at the same time you're saying she has hundreds of options. Options she unfortunately deemed 'better'. Would you say online dating didn't work for them? My last relationship...
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    The ultimate red flag comes out.

    How quick she got attached? You're still choosing to "spend every day together" with someone you've dated for less than 3 weeks.
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    Proof Positive of Sexual Interest

    Absolute nonsense. Honestly some of you guys really other think and complicate things.