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    want to see a crazy blue pill guy so deep he cant see?

    if you go to reddit and look at the nice guy subreddit, there a post called " you dont have to be handsome to flirt" or something like it. My name is banelord1976 and I posted my experience with some girls on a bus...boy this blue pill lost it. He nuts, for the longest time I could not figure...
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    Has anyone seen this show. What are these people thinking about. I usually one person that really good looking and not that great. But they fall in love with a lie. I would never do online or social media game. I need to get in there and see all things. This is very sad.
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    I was talking to this co worker and we are just in the flirting phase right now..i told her about my 3 dogs and im really an animal lover so the only feed on my facebook are dog and cat rescue and soap making...then she said " you have a cat" but in a panic mode. To which i said no i just feed...