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  1. K

    Word to the wise... If you don't close (sex) on the first date, don't bother looking for a second.

    This is dating these days. Why? Because women have too many options. Had a date Friday night. Was pretty exhausted but sucked it up and went anyways. Had a couple drinks and it wasn't a bad time, but also wanted to leave so I could go home and go to bed. Got the check and asked her where she...
  2. K

    I hate people

    What's made me realize this most is driving. Most people drive with absolutely no regard for anyone's safety. Tailgating is ridiculously rampant. If it makes them even a second on their trip, they will do it--no matter how dangerous and/or stupid. I truly think some people would slit their...
  3. K

    Whoa... Chasing women/sex has BECOME my life. Something's wrong

    I've got a great life overall--great parents, good friends (although they're all married so I practically have no social circle anymore), healthy/keep myself in shape and love lifting weights, great job that pays me well and isn't very stressful, financial independence, etc. However, I'm unhappy...
  4. K

    Girl thinks insecurity = super alpha male

    So she's saying super alpha male = "toxic masculinity" = jealous and untrusting.
  5. K

    Any lawyers here? Lady suing my father almost 3 years after an extremely minor fender-bender.

    So 2y9m after my dad had an extremely minor accident (from his story--I was not there), he received a letter/legal document saying he is being sued for "a minimum of 75k" in "damages". There was also already an insurance claim for this back when it originally happened and the lady got $3500 or...
  6. K

    Is having sex even worth having to deal with the b!tch after?

    I barely go out of my way for pvssy anymore because I know I'm gonna have to chill with the girl after. I just want to bust one or two nuts and do my own sh!t. This is a conundrum.
  7. K

    I get bored of people too easily...

    If I see a girl more than once a week, I start to legitimately lose attraction to her. I mean I'll literally go from getting horny just thinking about her, to not being able to get it up while she's naked and straddling and kissing me. This usually happens in less than a month. Then (usually)...
  8. K

    Here's the truth...

    ...and what a lot of guys need to realize and accept. You will, as an "average" male, 95% or more of the time, date/fvck BELOW your sexual market value. The only three things that will allow you to date above your SMV are fame (by far #1 because all women are wh0res for attention and will fvck...
  9. K

    Fame/Status > everything

    Video is also funny as hell. But let's be real... The only reason these women are matching is because they're famous. As normal dudes noone knows they'd legit get 0 or near 0 matches. And look at how responsive these girls are. A dude who's a 10/10 in looks, but without the fame, wouldn't have...
  10. K

    Girl walked out... Of my fvcking house

    I had a date planned ALL WEEK with a girl I've already met (once, and had sex with). She comes over tonight at 8, when I said to be to my place, I invite her in, give her a kiss, and tell her I need 10-15 minutes to shower cause I just got outta the gym and am running a little late. Asked her if...
  11. K

    F*ckin seriously????

    Was already having a bad day. Got scammed for $60 bucks from an online fraudster scumbag. Went on a date with a girl I had been talking to and flirting with pretty heavily through text. Everything was great in person--lot's of laughs, good eye contact, her pupils dilated, great time overall. I...
  12. K

    I have an interesting issue...

    Anything that takes away my sex drive makes me happy, but when my sex drive is strong I'm very, very unhappy (depressed in a bored, frustrated, sad/gloomy way). Caffeine = happiness Opiate/opioid = happiness "Sober" and bored = jacking off 5+ times and depressed I feel like I need sex like I...
  13. K

    Truth about the looks debate

    Topic # 99243948493483294823923 on looks... Being "attractive" WILL make it easier to get laid--especially if you're willing to drop your standards and bang average-below average girls (above average girls are still difficult most of the time). You can be f*cking different girls every week if...
  14. K

    This is "WOMAN"

    http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=74874931&frommsg=1&msgid=59312025402 Why do we have to deal with this :cry::cry::cry:
  15. K

    Well one thing I can commend women on is that they will NEVER cease to amaze me

    Seeing a girl off-and-on for several months now. When I say off-and-on I mean we'd get busy and our schedules would sometimes not permit us to meet up for 2+ weeks at a time. Other times we'd be hanging out every week. So the weekend before last we were supposed to hangout Saturday. She texts...
  16. K

    A PEEK into the overwhelming privilege of attractive women

    Attractive blonde girl on facebook made a post saying "if you've had a bad day watch this and you'll feel better" or something of the sort. It was a post explaining how she'd dropped her kale smoothie and it splattered everywhere with two videos of her showing the mess. I was thinking... THIS...
  17. K

    Tired of hearing "women are more emotional than men"

    They're not. Women are less emotional AND less logical. Most women are, or are on the verge of being, sociopaths. It's what happens when life is easy, most everything is given to you, you're raised to feel as though you're "above" others, and you're extremely vain/narcissistic.
  18. K

    Elliot Rodger vs. his sister is the PRIME example of...

    ...women having SIGNIFICANTLY easier lives than men. Yes the kid who killed several people because he couldn't get a girl. Both from the same parents, but Elliot was FAR more lonely, depressed, psychopathic, autistic, awkward, etc. And it's obvious that even the parents favored their daughter...
  19. K

    If I see any of these cowardly left-wing anarchists, I'm attacking them immediately

    Tired of seeing these videos of these faggots wearing ISIS makes covering there faces attacked innocent people. If I have the chance and can get away with it I'm going to SERIOUSLY f*ck up at least one of them. TO MODS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT: For legal reasons, I'm obligated to say that this post...
  20. K

    Girl I'm trying to date doesn't trust me at all

    So last night was the fourth time I've seen her, and the first time I went to her rather than her coming to me. First of all, she had invited me to her place originally, then later told me (word for word): "So, I'm at the bar by my place with my friend. You're welcome to come here and then we...