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    Showing premise

    Or as Todd V says, to let the girl know I have a penis. I'm failing at doing this quite a lot. I've nailed the social part, after being severly introverted all my life, I can now talk to anyone. But now I'm trying to up my game. I can kino escalate well if things are going well verbally, but...
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    Context: I've been masturbating since I was like 12, and it has just gotten worse and worse. While I did read all about NoFap, I wasn't very convinced and kept doing it. I never had any sexual encounter though, so there was that. I was a big beta and knew nothing about seduction. I started...
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    Girl complaining about being single

    Yeah I know, the title makes it seem very much like I've become the 'phone friend' as mentioned in The Rational Male. Some preface, I'm new to TRP. Like, very new. I started reading about it yesterday, but I did follow seduction and had red Models before, so was sort of aware of it, but not...