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  1. D

    girls with bfs

    Lately I have gotten numbers from a couple of girls that tells me they have boyfriends. What is the best way to play it then? Just ignoring it and doing what I normally would do?
  2. D

    Does some chick make dates knowing they will break them?

    I meet this chick at a party and we where all over each other, didnt pull her though, because she had something important to do early the next morning. When I called her later it seemed like she was screening my calles. That is she never picked up the phone if I called her from a number she...
  3. D

    David D is loosing it

    It seems to me, that every newsletter he is sending out is a copy/paste of something he send out some time ago. Guesses his fedback isent so good anyway, or?
  4. D

    splitting abs workout

    Is it worth the trouple to split my abs rotine in lower and upper on different days or should I just stick to all of it every secon day?
  5. D

    Materialistic women

    I have a date coming up, with an extremely hot girl I meet on the Internet. The thing is she is working as a store manager in a cosmetics shop, and I suspect she might be exactly the archetype of materialistic women. So I expect to be highly disadvantaged by still beeing in college (last...
  6. D

    Wrist training

    I get pain in the wrist from push ups, do any of you know a good exercise for building stronger wrists?
  7. D

    Measuring bodyfat percentage

    How do I do that? Was reading some article that sugested doing it every week to track the progress.
  8. D

    directing abs growth

    When I look at my abs in the mirror, I se that they are clearly defined in the middle 1/3 of my midsection (left to right). I would like to make them wider to cover maybe 1/2. Is there any exercises that specificly are stimulating abs to grow in this directions?
  9. D

    Calling old numbers

    I just got out of a relationship and therefore I took a look at my little black book, and discovered I had gotten some numbers during the span of the relationships. numbers I back then didnt plan to call, but collected just for the fun of it. Now I dont really know if it's a good idea to call...
  10. D

    How long does sex last for you?

    My new gf takes much longer time to climax, then anyone I been with before (like 40 minutes). I on the other hand starts lossing concentration after around 30 minutes, any inputs?