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    in class opportunities

    I got to thinking last month about how I could use my time more efficiently, since I don't typically manage my time that well. Then I thought I might be missing opportunities with girls in my classes. Either way, it's more practice at the DJ skills, and DJs need to keep their skills in good...
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    Hey guys. Wondering if you can help me with this one. I took this girl out a while back and screwed up, even though I started out great. (I'm pursuing other women now.) I was doing my best to avoid her but I keep bumping into her and she initiates conversation, even though I act like I...
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    need help with my diet this summer

    This summer I am going to be working in research at my University. As part of the compensation package, my room and food are paid for. I can eat at the University food court and in the dorms. I need to make sure I select the right foods to meet my summer goals. I do have access to a good...
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    girl being fake?

    Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster. :D Seriously though, I got a situation that I'd like to get your input on. Here goes. I knew this girl for a while but not very well. I would run into her and talk to her every now and then. Well I thought she was hot so one day I just...