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    Lonely and just going through the motions?

    In fact... Never EVER "surprise a girl" anywhere unless you're well into an LTR (6+ mos)... very invasive and potentially insulting of trust It's like buying flowers... seems like a sweet idea until you actually do it and realize it SUCKS
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    How long would you wait to propose to a girl?

    Awesome post Rollo, thanks. This part especially is great. I was actually thinking of something just like that, if and when the time comes. It is odd to me that our current divorce legal structure actually makes it *easier* (and more beneficial) for a woman to leave after marrying, which kind...
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    How long would you wait to propose to a girl?

    Excellent point. This is my second "real LTR". First one lasted 8 years. She was not marriage material. Dated a good number of other chicks, enough to feel pretty good about this one, especially personality-wise. Ahh the great cheap ring thing. I agree, but at the same time, you want to buy...
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    a brief intro

    This thread totally confuses me... dakota are you actually looking for advice? Or just trying to feel better about your situation? Reason being, everybody already posted everything. Sounds to me like you walk up to any random chick in your town and you'll be in the sack w/i 5 minutes...
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    How long would you wait to propose to a girl?

    (First off, if you're anti-marriage, just don't bother. Thanks.) How long would you wait to get married if you thought somebody was really marriage material? Obviously you want to get to know somebody... but if you wait too long I believe it loses some "magic" and feels almost...
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    Positive sex thoughts?

    Yeah, thanks. I guess I need to realize it WILL happen to me again. Maybe even next time. I have been playing it off, and she hasn't been giving me any grief really, other than a little non verbal disappointment. But nothing directed to me or said to me. It's one of those self-fulfilling...
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    Positive sex thoughts?

    So... I'm having this recurring problem with bedroom self-confidence. Despite generally being good in the sack (and leaving my g/f noticeably happy), a couple times I've lost it midway thru, and now I'm obsessing about it (which of course makes it much worse). My g/f is currently on vacation...
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    Wasted opportunity?

    My experience is the opposite is true... girls want to talk. Alot. If you shut up, they'll think, "What, am I not interesting enough?" and find a way to carry it on somehow. If they don't, then it's a surefire way to tell 100% that they're not interested... or interesting... Either way...
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    Wasted opportunity?

    Think of what you would say to a random guy sitting down. Probably something innocuous like "Hey". Use that as a starting point. Don't try to pick them up, just think of making idle chit-chat. The less important you think it is, the better you'll sound, more confident, etc, naturally.
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    cave dweller covered it... plus the KY... I keep some in the top drawer of my nightstand right next to dildos which can also come in handy
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    do you have regreats?

    My main regret is staying in a failed LTR for about a year too long. Should've left earlier. Missed out on the chance to bang a couple fine a$$, smart chicks who were all over me. I kept hoping things would change. Of course they didn't. But, on the plus side, I didn't cheat on her, in...
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    I'm a bit confused....

    I did this exact thing with a girl I was dating for 8 years. We lived together, had a dog, but I just could not ask her to marry me. We did it as a "trial" just as Francisco suggests. It's 2 years later and we're still great friends. I'm now dating this chick who already makes me much...
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    Is this romantic or AFC?

    Given my g/f, that's actually a really good idea.
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    Is this romantic or AFC?

    Good distinctions, thanks. Like the "don't overdo it" point. I'd like to think of something less generic than flowers, we'll see...
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    Is this romantic or AFC?

    So I've been dating this chick for about 3 months. Things are good, been trying to be DJ (a few minor fvckups), but her interest level is really high (buys me stuff, hangs all over me, etc). Now... She's going on vacation with 2 of her female friends to Hawaii for 5 days. This was planned...
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    Should her past bother me?? (drugs, etc)

    So I'm dating this girl. Things are going REALLY well, we're really hitting it off. We've been dating several months; the last few monogamously. Sex is great, no real arguments at all, everything's really rosy. BUT.... In her past she did some hard drugs and lived a somewhat hard...
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    Sex help: Losing erection too quickly

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Here's a couple brief updates: - saw a DR, got a complete checkup, supposedly 100% ok - have been doing the PC exercises and those seem to help - have pretty much resolved it's 90+% mental I have noticed that being 28 I'm far less sensitized than when...
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    met a virgin, what do I do?

    [wrong thread, sorry!] but on topic... virgins are terrible in bed!!
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    patience, do we need it?

    Exactly. I've been in a couple LTRs and I never ever raise my voice (ever) and you're right, chicks are like "whoa". Especially when they start yelling. Just sit there, appear to "take it", but then say something like, "would you like to talk about this like mature adults?" If she keeps yelling...
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    Do you shave your dyck?

    Absolutely. I recently found out my female friends call it "manscaping". Fvcking funny. That shows you how much they talk about it. I just lather that up and bic the balls in the shower. Takes about 1 minute. I also shave down to the base - makes your junk look considerably bigger. Trim...