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    women bail on me w/out warning

    Hi all I used to be a regular on this forum and I have been away for awhile. basically I gave up because everything I tried, failed. I am 44 and still learning how to date. I've got game. game is not the problem. I approach women all the time and I'm in a good social environment with...
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    Should the man pay on the first date?

    hey brothers. I am back, trying it again... y'know. This is one question I still can't figure out. what do you think? there were times when I paid, and it was a bad experience. The women just used me for a meal and it didn't get me a 2nd date. Note to self: don't do that again. but...
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    41 and nothing

    Hi all! I haven't posted for over 1/2 a year, during that tiem I've been though Hell. My home and place of business burned down, my life was ruined, I was homeless and on public assistance. so I had other things on my mind besides dating. but all these disasters did not seem to effect on my...
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    "Woman is not human"

    Hi all! I'm baaaack... wow - all these new names I don't recognize since the last time I logged on back in May or June. So far I don't have a lot of progress to report - but I do have a theory on a new inner game that I will field test and report at the first available opportunity. but I...
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    need help w/ convo skills

    please direct me to tips or links that focus on long conversation skills, i.e., dinner dates. I'm still floundering around. I just came from back from my 2nd CL date (woohoo!), a pleasant 35-yr old russian/asian. I knew absolutely nothing about this woman. it felt strained, esp at...
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    field report - date went well. or did it? what next?

    finally got my first date from a CL post! it was this past Sunday. I think it went well, but her ad is still posted. full story here: http://www.freewebs.com/ogrespage/christie.htm No calls or emails from either of us since Sunday. I called this eve, 2 rings, heard nithing, then...
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    doing everything right - and then bombed. wtf?

    DJ's: here are emails with a 31 yr old woman who placed a personals ad on craigslist. I did everything right - I think d'angelo would be proud - but then it just bombed. wtf just happend? I really wanna know! I shoulda been in her panties by now...
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    A string of broken dates all in a row...wtf?

    I had a date with N on a wedensday but when I called her at the appointed time and she was sick. (she really was, I could hear her voice she sounded terrible) I saw J on a saturday, she came up for a photo shoot for my website. we made a date for the following saturday (it was her idea) I...
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    internet dating 101 = zero results. Why? (PICS)

    why does it work for everybody but me? full story: http://www.freewebs.com/ogrespage/ http://www.freewebs.com/ogrespage/
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    email help! what do I say/do now, guys? clock's ticking.....

    guys this is great - this girl placed an personal ad and she practically spelled out the DJ method for me! so I replied, she sent a pic, (she is gorgeous. young slender blonde Russian.) I sent a pic, and she actually wrote back! Woo-hoo! please tell me what to write. I need your...
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    Doc Love was wrong

    One of the things he emphasises in his "system" is to keep the phone conversation short, get a date, and hang up. The purpose of a phone is to get a date, not to have conversations, according to the Doc. There is nothing in his book about email at all, but I assumed based on his telephone...
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    The Masturbatory Society

    I just wanted to post this article: http://www.rense.com/general61/mast.htm this is what we're up against, guys. welcome to Brave New World.
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    my internet personals ad......

    http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/m4w/53141729.html tell me whatcha think
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    bad pattern I keep repeating

    basically is like this: I approach and meet girls easily, their IL is high, at first. then comes the phone messages, emails, and their IL starts to slip. usually I don't get a date. Girls can smell the stench of "desperate loser" in the air like a bad fart. I can't hide it. to girls...
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    trying to impress a girl is a turn-off, apparently

    an example: Nice young latina girl, pretty, very talented singer and performer, appeared on TV on some Spanish talent showcase. when I met her she really dug me. at first. and her mamma liked me too, but that's another story. at the time she was living with mamma and working 6 days a...
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    Field report: much fuss over nothing

    this is an update to "she brought her sister along" I just came back from her place. it was no big deal. The good news is, for starters, the address she gave me was correct. I thought for sure I was gonna end up on a wild goose chase down in gangsta-land. so far so good. whoo-hoo...
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    field report: she brought her sister along

    I posted about this church babe I was chasing after a few weeks ago.... these was some communication problems with her cellie cutting out on me mid-sentence. Then I tried to track her down at her church and she wasn't there. So I had to put her in the back of the line for awhile. I...
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    follow up: lousy date

    In my last post I wrote about this lousy lunch date with this girl who is pretty but refused to ride with me on my motorcycle and I could not manage to strike up a conversation with. I have seen her several times since, although the only thing going on between us is that I am helping her get...
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    pimp game, anyone?

    has anyone read "the pimp game" by Mickey Royal? comments?
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    field report: lousy date, your comments/suggestions welcome

    yes, ol' ogre here has actually succeeded in getting a date. This bank teller I have been flirting with on-and-off for a few months now. She's 20's, looks like catherine-zeta jones, really sweet. I've been doing everything right, C+F, poking fun, didn't go AFC, so far so good. One big...