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    Marking their territory?

    I was hooking up with a HB I've been dating last night. After we were finished and got out of bed, her jaw dropped - we learned she gave me two hickeys, one on either side of my neck. Despite my efforts to cover it up with concealer and raising the collar on my shirt, my coworkers quickly...
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    FR: HB tries to stun me with new date, I end up laughing

    I posted last week about two girls I am talking to and how their recent behavior was puzzling. I'm more or less figuring it out. One of the girls returned to normalcy. The other one is why I'm making the post. Girl #1 I've been seeing for just over a month. Things are really good and we're...
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    HB who previously turned me down acting strangely

    A couple of months ago, there was a HB (let's name her "A") I was very interested in. We went out a couple of times, but ultimately she LJBF'd me and did so in no uncertain terms. We still get along well, but that may be a product of the fact we work together and hang out in the same social...
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    When do you decide to have the DTR talk?

    Based off your own experiences, what checkmarks needs to be checked before you and a HB talk about your relationship or becoming an exclusive couple? I ask because I'm at that crossroads now. I've been seeing a girl steadily over the past several weeks (we meet before the holidays, but she and...
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    Why is a girl who once friend-zoned me sh*t-testing?

    A couple months back, a girl I had been out with a few times ended things and said how we're such close friends. It was a tough pill to swallow, but it happens. However, because we work in the same building, I still see her more than I would like. The two of us still get along well and things...
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    Is this too easy of a decision?

    I went out with a HB a few weeks ago. We had a good time and have texted since, but both our schedules have gotten in the way of a second date. This week, she says she is free this weekend and proposes that we can either meet/go out: - Saturday night after I get off work (around 10pm), OR -...
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    Always having to initiate with people at work

    I don't know which forum this fits best in, but assume work is akin to wealth and success. I'll keep this one fairly brief. I work in close quarters with many of my coworkers, and we all have varied schedules, which includes working weekends. We all seem to get along in the office, but I've come...
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    Friend-zoned, and nothing changed?

    I've had a bad history when it comes to maintaining civil relationships after breakups, friend-zonings, etc. While I usually try to remain my usual self, the HB almost always changes behavior, distances herself and future interactions feel unnecessarily awkward. It's been a constant and...
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    How to tell her it's over after 3 dates?

    I went out with a HB7 three times over the past couple of weeks. The first date she spent the night. The second date (weeknight) we played mini-golf and grabbed drinks. The third date started off well with dinner and drinks, but she then tells me her friend is meeting up because the friend is...
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    FR: Umm...

    I began talking to a gorgeous HB 8.5 online this week. After a few days of back-and-forth, I proposed we get a bite to eat a few days down the road. No reply. I remember the thread posted recently with the Harvey Spector quote: and went on with my life. Sure enough, she texts me this evening...
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    How much time do you give a new coworker?

    About a month ago, my company hired a new employee at my position. The boss wants to promote me, but needs people who can do my current job before that can happen. The new employee has a good work ethic - he arrives on time, works hard, but is struggling to accomplish basic tasks. On days when I...
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    I thought women are more active in finding a date this time of year?

    From what others have told me, the period between Christmas and Valentine's Day is a time of year when women are more active in trying to find a date or relationship. Even the online sites say they get the most new users during this period. In my case, the opposite is true. At the end of 2018...
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    Singles party

    I am attending a singles event with a couple of friends on New Year's Eve in the nearby city. There will be about 400 people at the bar where the event is being held. Is there any specific strategy for events like this besides hitting on every HB in sight?
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    No downside to this, but is there a realistic upside?

    A couple of months ago, I went out with a HB 7.5 once. We had a decent time and planned to meet again, but she flaked on the day of the date. I probably didn't handle it as nonchalantly as I could have, but it was what it was. We texted very briefly after that, but then we stopped. I didn't see...
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    Correcting coworker's errors that could affect you...how to handle?

    The company I work at functions out of two locations. One project we complete each day becomes a collaboration between employees at my level from both branches. Because I am essentially the point person carrying carry out the final product, I do my best to ensure nothing falls through the...
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    Do my friends not find me suitable for a relationship?

    I've been going on dates recently with HB's on dating apps, but none have gone past a couple of dates. One of the primary culprits has been my hectic work schedule (which I've described previously on the forum) - it's not like the HB's know me that well, so the connection eventually dissolves...
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    Is working the weekends a dealbreaker?

    I have been going on several dates as of late, and everybody's have fun on the dates themselves. However, the good times don't last. I haven't been getting many second or third dates, and the implied blame from these girls is my work schedule. I work your typical five days a week, but the nature...
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    Meeting someone shortly before moving away

    A couple of weeks ago, I met a cute HB 7.5 I had been communicating with through online dating. There was instant chemistry and we've had a couple of excellent dates. She and I communicate every day and things feel effortless. I would confidently say something's there. But unfortunately, this...
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    Is airing things out on social media the new normal?

    A HB who I met a few weeks ago and I have been talking more regularly as of late. I would say we know each other pretty well now and we certainly seem to be on the same wavelength. I don't think we have had a negative interaction. Until this week. One night, I send her a very innocuous joke on...
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    A surprise test of interest or a mere coincidence?

    What if i told you there is a way to tell if a HB you already know is interested in you, but that you can only try it once per year? I have either made an accidental discovery, or I simply sped up the inevitable. The one time per year? Your birthday. The "test?" Simple, really - if they...