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    Why Are You Deleting My Post _ You Hate The Truth! - Bastards!!

    WHY ARE YOU DELETING MY POST _ YOU HATE THE TRUTH! - BASTARDS!! 3 post were deleted in the "Metrosexuality" thread!!! HOMOS don't want to be exposed!! YOU ARE WEAK MEN!!! I can' even call you men!!!
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    Give a HB rating to the SoSuave.com girl that you see on top of the Discussion Forum

    Give a HB rating to the SoSuave.com girl that you see on top of the Don Juan Discussion Forum page...I personally think she should be replaced by a fine Latina girl - preferably Puerto Rican! Is this Mr. SoSuave's girl? Who's girl is it? She obviously gave someone permission to post her pic.
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    The natural order of things - Sexuality defined and explained!

    J-Man, You want my perspective on women, life, God, and whatever? You don’t ask for much do you? I’ll give you my view on the intrinsic nature of man and woman, this nature we call ‘sexuality’. You want a deep conversation and your questions answered? I’ll give it to you and express it in an...
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    Pregnancy Scare - Yikes!

    I know you horny guys on this site had some pregnancy scares – so how about sharing this frightening scenario with us and tell us how you felt! Here is my story… I was 22 years old and a senior in college, circa 1984. This girl comes all the way from New Jersey and let’s me know she is on...
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    I'm going to Miami/Ft lauderdale Florida next week! March 9-30th. Any DJ's there?

    I'm looking for that Spanish virgin in Miami - any there?:D I'll be hitting the merengue clubs with my bro! Any suggestions?
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    Happy Valentines Day Card for Allen (SoSuave.com) and all the Moderators!

    Don Juans feel free to post your sentiments concerning SoSuave's contribution to your life and/or share your love and regards to Allen (Mr. SoSuave himself) and to all the Moderators One day we shall return to our original states, and men shall be as men, and women shall be women! SoSuave is...
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    Pointless threads must be deleted sooner!

    I saw 3 pointless threads in 5 minutes today alone, that were confirming what the bible already states. One thread was posing the question of how he should wear his shirt! This was in the discussion forum - what is there to discuss? This is wasting space and our time in viewing there threads...
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    My personal ad on Yahoo personals!

    They temporarily let me out of the insane asylum, I shall make the most of it and I will prove to my attendants that my judgment is clear, but I first must find a mate to show them that someone else thinks the same. I have a personal ad on Yahoo personals…The old man still has a little fire...
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    I don't have a date tonight, does a girl on sosuave want to have a cyber-date with me

    Come on iqqi, shorty brown, silver spring, mystery woman, sexy malibu, irresistible, eileen, gav, yup, california love, who else of the female persuasion am I missing.....oh yeah, and crotch sniffer. We can chat , exchange photos and lie, i mean, get to know each other at a personal level...
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    Don Juan Code of Conduct

    This is my first thread started on any so-called seduction site, so I shall lose my virginity and become a Don Juan thread starter. I know not a better site to give away my innocence to than SoSuave.com - I humbly ask of you, "please be gentle wih me". For those of you who have been...
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    If a girl says "let's just be friends"

    if a chic says, Let's just be friends" - tell her a "friend" is a "dollar in my pocket"and that she is neither currency nor can she fit in your pocket! This will dismiss such fancy notions of friendship at once!