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    who goes for the first kiss

    Don't do that shyt. If she goes to kiss you, by all means let her! My GF kissed me first and I'm still dating her 10 months later. She just pressed her lips to mine for a couple of seconds. I smiled and we parted ways. Next date I kissed her a couple of times during the date, and at the end...
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    SelfDefence -> Work Out or Learn Martial Arts

    DUDE! Muay Thai kicks serious ass (literally)! I used to study it. I just love throwing elbows and knees. :D Wish I could find someone good around here that teaches it. As far as grappling goes, it's not bad to know it, but I would say you want to be able to take the other guy down before...
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    Going shopping with women - bad idea?

    Normally I say no to shopping but this doesn't sound too bad. This is a little different but hell I like 30's and 40's vintage stuff, be it clothes or whatever. So I would have made an exception and gone.
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    gf just lied to me

    dump the slut She's LYING to you. That means she's a liar and you can't believe anything she says now. From now on, every time she tells you she's going out with her friend, you're going to wonder what drummer she's going to go try to get on. Dump her however you see fit. But if it...
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    let's share ****y&funny lines

    What would this forum do without me?? :D ****y and Funny is to me typically one-liners. I suck at telling stories and getting laughs. But I absolutely kick ass with one-liners. I keep getting better at the C&F one-liners. Example: A few weeks ago I was hanging out with my girl and...
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    Doc Love Hatchet Job

    If you read some of the other articles on the site, it appears to be some sort of AFC validation site. What pisses me off too is that I don't have a single browser on my computer that the site renders properly in. I've tried Safari, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer for Macintosh. I'm not going...
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    getting stuck need help!!!!

    You're on WEED and you're nervous?? WOW!
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    girl cheated on her last boyfriend. will she cheat on me?

    Agreed. If you think "I'm better so she won't cheat on me," you need to get your ego under control. I say you're askin' for it.
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    Girls That Like Stick Shifts...

    mine said she wanted me to teach her how to drive my car (it's a stick), and then she was going to take me home and drive MY stick. Hahahaha!
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    Help with Translation: ******** - English

    damnit, I'm going to write one for the web site, where you put in ********, and it translates it for you. Then all the n00bs can go there. Sound good???
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    What to do when she compliments you?

    I think it's nice to mix it up a bit. Sometimes I will smile and say thanks. Or tell her I appreciate her good taste. Or do a David D. type C&F and say "yeah, that's what all the girls say". Somethiing like that. Or sometimes I'll give a nice complement back (if it's NOT the first time she...
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    Womaneese that Ive never heard before--can you help?

    one word makes a big difference First off, I'm going to agree with you that if this girl turned you down THREE times, HELLO! She's not interested. And apparently no one gets this... there's a HUGE difference between "just a friend" and "best friend". Just a friend means there's no way in...
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    First Date Cancelled

    option play Man, she pulled the option play on you here bud. When you set up a date, get the address and directions on the spot! If she suggests that you call her back for directions at the last minute, then what you need to do is just don't call her back. i did that once and the chick...
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    How to get rid of cold Sores?

    virus Cold sores are a manifestation of the herpes virus. You supposedly never get rid of it. What happens is your immune system brings it under control and then the virus goes dormant and hides in some infected cells. Things like chapped lips and colds and cause the virus to come out of...
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    Knock It Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys are stoooopid Man you guys sure are a bunch of homo losers. Trying to understand women and improve yourself for more success is typical fag stuff. All you need is the testosterone patch, like I have. I didn't have to use any "techniques" with my blowup doll. She just wanted me...
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    About Pook.

    Pook's simple concepts are great. thinking of yourself as the Great Catch and focusing on your life and improving yourself will really help you. You won't need to worry about memorizing some technique. You'll feel good about yourself. When you think of yourself as the catch, you...
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    How would you answer this question on a first date???

    I concur. It seems like if you do well from the start the tend not to feel the need to test you.
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    walking tall and confident attract girls .

    Because you've been beaten down by your classes, have a shyt-ton of stuff to get done at work, just got over the flu and now have a respiratory infection. All that shyt put together tends to get me feeling down. I don't know about anyone else. Unless I'm conciously thinking about it, I...
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    walking tall and confident attract girls .

    This is right on the money. Several weeks ago my friend and I were walking back from the weight room. I had just done really well and was feeling like "oh shyt! I'm the man!!!" and this girl was walking toward us, and was going to pass on my side. Anyway, she and I made eye contact and I...
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    How would you answer this question on a first date???

    bust in with C&F How about "You look almost as good as I do." ??