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    Approaching a group of women.

    Very well put StormRider :up:
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    rest in peace pernell whitaker

    Oh man!! its really a lost. Best defensive boxer ever (up there with Floyd). The one that beat Chavez and took De la Hoya to school even in his older days
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    Telling her LJBF

    Cant have it both ways pimping! If you was to play the friendly thing to get to the real bad ones. You shouldnt have taken her on a date, let alone put your meat on her mouth. Might have been good at the moment but please believe me that if she sees you trying to get to her girlfriends she will...
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    High HIGH Quality law firm teacher... (tips from vets only)

    Little did I know I was about to receive a response from Rollo, Mystery, AMS himself whoever you want to mention. How you call a woman who not even 30 and got her law firm. Not High quality ( besides the fact she hot to the point of not trying) About the reputation, she a substitute who not...
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    High HIGH Quality law firm teacher... (tips from vets only)

    true ishhhh. But you just laid the foundations pretty good. Where I live its a pretty tropical/ small country that can turn a going home to change up and going back downtown a nightmare. Will apply pressure my friend. Keep u posted
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    High HIGH Quality law firm teacher... (tips from vets only)

    E.P .. Will do man. Class ends actually around 2pm every saturday so to take it from there to a nice ''where you can talk'' bar, some pool like you said too would be classic. Im smooth enough for it and my college is not actually very strict nor she is lol. Will do. I'll keep yall posted
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    High HIGH Quality law firm teacher... (tips from vets only)

    Good **** Stormrider. Valid points for a different situation. Aint no validation around here my man not to worry, read again the points . Still looking for that vet tip.
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    High HIGH Quality law firm teacher... (tips from vets only)

    Ok then, so I have responded to some treads in some raw and to the point way. Based on my knowledge and experience. Im looking the same from the vets over here. Shoot! Ok so here the facts, ill list them with 0 to none explanation: This woman is my law teacher (im close to graduate, around a...
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    Give a free pass or next?

    Been there, exact same situation. At the end, fault is on us my brother. Should ve played it cool. Move on from this one probably will not happen anymore but you can try. Good luck to ya!
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    King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.. what else?

    https://bradfordframke.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/king-warrior-magician-lover.pdf A book every man should read and pass on... Any other one (not so game oriented) we should know about?
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    Life a cycle. She under your terms now. You thinking too much, its your play man, shouldnt even be a question!
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    Should I see this girl one more time or cut it off now?

    First and foremost props to ya for building up that stable nicely. The answer to your question tho ca be answered by just reading the first paragraph. Dont run out of excuses, dont go ahead and have a headache over some *****. Tell her the truth, you do have a real GF who you been with for a...
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    Girls in you area... thoughts?

    Yes you better get moving asap. Make no mistake tho. Old tanned ladies with money in FL dont look to bad for me lol
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    Girls in you area... thoughts?

    So listen here. I live in a small country in Central America. Beautiful very beautiful girls and grown ass women everywhere, I mean everywhere think of it as a small Colombia (if you ve traveled you know where I live by now), BUT with the ****tiest attitude ever. I mean, they think they the...
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    ams being funny

    hahaha AMS a funny mf indeed, with a wholeeeee lottaaa knowledge. I recommend his book %100. Easy to read. Relatable. Great stuff
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    Is she playing me, not that interested, or playing hard to get?

    As most of the times, we are the ones to blame my friend if you think about it. So she met you at a singles party, next friday you are free. Translation '' Im his only choice'' . There goes the interest she had.
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    Online dating now destroying social circles

    Too much simping. Any ugly girl has in her social media accounts at least 10 dudes trying to f**k
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    Odd behavior from next door neighbor...

    That shipped has sailed. Let it go, have an abundance mind, if you think about it you had her AT YOUR PLACE and you was at hers.. nothing happened. Your fault my friend. Been there done that