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    want to see a crazy blue pill guy so deep he cant see?

    if you go to reddit and look at the nice guy subreddit, there a post called " you dont have to be handsome to flirt" or something like it. My name is banelord1976 and I posted my experience with some girls on a bus...boy this blue pill lost it. He nuts, for the longest time I could not figure...
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    Reddit post: Perfect guy but HEIGHT BOTHERS ME

    I notice the ok in looks, that was the dealbreaker.
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    How to make yourself hot and attractive

    unless you can change your face. This can only help so much.
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    article: Ugly, creepy guys!

    I like this woman. She tell the truth.
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    Field Report: OLD First Date.

    Everything these guys tell u is bull****...the truth was she did not build a lot of interest in you. She has other prospects she want to talk to. Game over.
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    Do I Need to Drink and Do Drugs to get Party Girls?

    Smoking weed and drinking that nothing. When u say party girls i was thinking cocaine
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    HankHill's make over thread

    No mk677 is pretty much your own gh production. There different company im using a canadian one. How is my experience with it. To be honest i just order it so i dont know. But from what i understand it works very well. This is more of an recoverly thing. It make u hungry so u eat a lot. Also...
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    HankHill's make over thread

    Mk677 google it. It legal.
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    HankHill's make over thread

    Why are u using mass gainer? They dont work at all. They don't add lean gains.
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    Field Report#16 : Finger girl in nightclub!!!

    This is rape. Your a rapest.
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    one shirt for $74.99 WTF?

    Im all over the place. I have expensive stuff and stuff i bought second hand. It how i carry myself when i wear it. Oh the second had stuff looks pretty cool. Like t shirt that say i work for some company or am parr of some local sport team but im not. But im alsp build really well so i look...
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    Has anyone seen this show. What are these people thinking about. I usually one person that really good looking and not that great. But they fall in love with a lie. I would never do online or social media game. I need to get in there and see all things. This is very sad.
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    Why are people so drawn to you when you don't want anything out of them?

    I dont think dave has any friends. He cant even make friends here. He crazy in the head. Who would want to be a wingman to this nut job?
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    HankHill's make over thread

    Go on gear. Everything else is bull****.
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    do you guys think she trying to avoid me or something?

    If i pay you 20.00 dollor can i punch you?
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    Captain's reports

    U did not do anything wrong...the issue is you dont know what your smv is. It take time and experience as u can tell what kind of girl like u. Once u know when u can go for risker stuff then hello which will get you a bigger risk to reward ratio.
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    How Much do you Exercise?

    6 days and one day off...2 hour heavy weights...all mass building. Deadlifts, bench press, squats and shoulder press plus other ****...but the 250 ml of test e is the key...i look jack as hell.
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    She made her decision within 3 seconds.

    All i see are negatively come from you. Even if you dont agree with this guy. Your still very negative im sure everyone can see this. Light attract light and darkness does the same...i wish u the best on your journey...im going to do my own thing...im ok with doing this kind of pickup because...
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    She made her decision within 3 seconds.

    Why are u here anyways? U think there a perfect kill move or something? Rejection is part of the game. U got to deal with it. For every rejection there going to be someone that like u. Anyways you do you and read books and come here to learn theory...im on the camp of just doing ****...if it...
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    She made her decision within 3 seconds.

    The thing is im done something like this before...long story i had to meet random people where i work which is a university. I would give them a pen and talk about the union....so i really just went up to decent looking girls about the 6 to 7 range and talk random...within 3 seconds they where...