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    What happen?? **Update***

    https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/what-happen.264668/#post-2720627 Ok tuesday for the ones that remember the post, I pulled up to her house ( she hasn't saw me since last march 2019, we've only hung about 4 times between Jan 2019 and March 2019, haven't saw each other since) and she was...
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    **** the world and **** these bitches !!! Ban me

    I'm low-key crushed and hurt a little from my last post...my confidence is at a low right now ..I'm not a bad person trust me...I blame this one women ....if you weren't interested why even entertain me???? I've noticed a lot f women didn't comment on this post because it's GUILT!!! WOMEN ARENT...
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    What happen?

    This chick i've been knowing since last year, Its always a pattern. For some reason when I go months or weeks without texting her she responds and when she does I'll always try and get her to link up and she'll flake or never responds. I'll just say to myself f*ck it and go about my business ...
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    What do you all think about this?

    Ok it's this check I met 7 years ago. We literally chilled for like 2 days and we never linked back up on my part , so it wasn't really never nothing,eventually lost all contacts. So years later I ran across her Facebook page, so I just her up. (June 2018) she doesn't open ot respond to...
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    Weird behavior from old fling..

    What's up. I've been knowing this chick for about 5 years. Our "run" was real short and wasn't even nothing serious, was like a 3 day thing.. Over the years I would hit her up , 90% of the time she will not respond and sometimes she will. One day she hits me out the blue after a week of not...
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    I need real ADVICE on what to do. no jokes

    ***Please read before giving me yout input** https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/this-crazy.257743/ March 6th she texts me out the blue with "Hey". (It shocked me she unblocked me and texted me) I decided not to reply back. 2 hours pass she texts again " I was going to say we can get up...
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    This **** crazy???

    2 weeks ago this chick basically start curvin me cause she felt i was full of ****...i told her on her live i was gone pull up later..she said "no your not" in a serious/direct /defensive way ...i pulled up hours later and texted her "Yo"..she replied with "What"..i said " come outside"...she...
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    Thrown off by Text message

    Last Wednesday me and this chick ive been knowing since Jan linked up and chilled, when i was taking her home (Last Thursday Morning) , i told her to hit me up ect. So Later that night around 6pm she texted me " Wyd" i never replied. Saturday came and she texted me again " Wyd" and i never...
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    What is wrong with her??

    Follow up from this post from Saturday https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/young-chick-uggh.256418/#post-2614169 To back track..got back in touch with this chick last monday after NC for a week..(Wednesday) we met up that week and smoked..she hit me the next day (Thursday) wanting to link but...
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    Young chick uggh!

    The chicl from this post https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/did-i-do-too-much-and-what-happened.256131/ After the above situation happened i ghosted for about a week. (Monday) I texted her with " Yo"..she instantly replied back with " Hey"...i asked where she was at , she instantly texted...
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    Did i do too much? And what happened?

    Met this chick 23 yr old Bi chick 3 weeks ago, we met 3 times the first week, the first day i got her number i set up for us to link , ..told her i was gone text her in a hour..got no reply back from her lol...so i still hit her an hour later and asked what side of town she on and she sent me a...