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    How long would you wait to propose to a girl?

    (First off, if you're anti-marriage, just don't bother. Thanks.) How long would you wait to get married if you thought somebody was really marriage material? Obviously you want to get to know somebody... but if you wait too long I believe it loses some "magic" and feels almost...
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    Positive sex thoughts?

    So... I'm having this recurring problem with bedroom self-confidence. Despite generally being good in the sack (and leaving my g/f noticeably happy), a couple times I've lost it midway thru, and now I'm obsessing about it (which of course makes it much worse). My g/f is currently on vacation...
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    Is this romantic or AFC?

    So I've been dating this chick for about 3 months. Things are good, been trying to be DJ (a few minor fvckups), but her interest level is really high (buys me stuff, hangs all over me, etc). Now... She's going on vacation with 2 of her female friends to Hawaii for 5 days. This was planned...
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    Should her past bother me?? (drugs, etc)

    So I'm dating this girl. Things are going REALLY well, we're really hitting it off. We've been dating several months; the last few monogamously. Sex is great, no real arguments at all, everything's really rosy. BUT.... In her past she did some hard drugs and lived a somewhat hard...
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    Sex help: Losing erection too quickly

    (First off, yeah I've done a huge search, but couldn't find my question/problem...) I'm having problems maintaining my erection. Not getting it, mind you, I have no probs there. But once I have it, I can only have sex for maybe 5-10 min tops before it starts to go. My gf has been really...
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    Need "pet name" for a strong-willed ex-friend

    So I'm dating this 28-year-old (I'm 28 too) and things are going great, she asked to be exclusive and I agreed. Couldn't have done it w/o this site, thanks to all. Thing is, I can't seem to figure out a pet name for her. There are 2 problems: (a) she's very independent, so "babe" really...