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    Big girl problem, and I'm completely lost

    DJ Damage is accurate. You had her at the theme park. Just from your post, she had a lot of interest when you guys were there. -She gives you one of her pictures (not a big deal, but it's her showing interest). -Grabbing your hand first. -Hanging on to you the whole time and being close to...
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    --How many chicks have you banged in 2008?--

    1 chick from Jan 08 - Aug 08 4 chicks in Sept/Oct 08
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    want to ask my ex gf to move in with me

    3 Questions: 1) How's her interest level? 2) Is she technically your "girlfriend"? 3) Do you have other chicks on the side you're talking to?
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    She flaked, am I being too leinient here?

    The thing is, she doesn't owe you anything either since you guys haven't been on a date before or really had any connection aside from short phone calls (from what I understand). From everything that she's done though now. Don't call her. Don't text her. If she wants to contact you, it's on...
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    I LJBFed my girl

    Seems like a case of one-itis. You did the right thing though, and it really is a win-win situation for you. Do your thing, talk with some other chicks, and you will lose that desperacy and need for her, and at the same time she will VERY likely come crawling back.
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    Odd facebook question...

    its facebook...don't take any definitive signs away from it.
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    You vote! Where to take this beezie?

    So I met this model years ago but never really got to know her. Last week I called her for lunch randomly, which is when she asked me to go to her sorority formal with her this past weekend. We went and it ended with her staying the night at my place. So I gave her a call tonight and we're...
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    going out w/ girl from work TONIGHT need help asap

    CHANGE something up on her. Don't do exactly what she wants. If she wants you to go to dinner with her, take charge and tell her what restaurant. If she wants you to go to the movies, tell her what movie you guys will see. CHANGE the time on her. If she's free at 6, say that you'll probably...
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    Help plz...I got $20 ridin on a bet to get this chick

    So yeh me and my friend bet twenty dollars that I could go on a one-on-one date with this one chick that I said was hott. He said I couldn't do it, and I told him I would. I had 2 weeks to start with, but I'm down to one week now. I made the bet because I thought she seemed interested in me...
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    I am an exception to the rule

    Only the Matrix.
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    LTR breakup-advice needed!

    You're right. It truly is HER loss if she doesn't take the opportunity she has now. All the girls are telling me at school that I can do better (they're speaking personality wise...looks wise, my ex is gorgeous).
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    LTR breakup-advice needed!

    I called her up last night. There were two parts to the conversation basically. In the first part, she said how she didn't know if we were going to be together later, and it would take more than two or three weeks probably for her to recover. I told her that I missed her later on, and she...
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    LTR breakup-advice needed!

    Yeah, I know. I've tried that. And she just says, "I don't wanna talk with you," or something like that. She left me a message the other night saying how she'll talk to me after school because it's really hard to talk with me in person and if we do it would probably be worse. I guess the...
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    The Reason You Joined This Site: What Was Her Name?

    I had just been cheated on, abused, and I was desperate for advice. The girl's name was Annie.
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    LTR breakup-advice needed!

    So would it be a better idea to let her call me (like she's been doing) or for me to call her. The times I have called her, it hasn't worked out too well. But then again, the times she called me, it hasn't either.
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    LTR breakup-advice needed!

    She disrespected me in front of my boys. And I did tell her that I wanted to make her feel better that day. She just told me that "I couldn't make her feel better."
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    LTR breakup-advice needed!

    This might be a little long, but I really need the help. Plus, tons of those posts in the DJ Bible are loads longer than this. So suck it up and get through it. :D Ok, so here's the deal. I've been with my gf, Jax, for 18 months. It's been pretty good, but we'd been fighting a lot lately...
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    getting expelled (must peep)

    Leave your number with her when you walk away.
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    Chick offered a BJ..should i take it?

    Sure, I would of she was average and was clean. Just as long as she meets fukable standards I don't see a problem. Beat those boy.