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  1. Z

    One sentence tip that I find valuable

    "Let me show you the world through my eyes"
  2. Z

    Any DJs from Manchester, England?

    Just curious if there's anyone from Manchester. I was curious if the city is an industrial wasteland or a Northern "hot spot". I keep getting both stories. Thoughts on the HBs there would always be appreciated as well.
  3. Z

    Pickup Artist Mystery on Elle Magazine

    http://www.elle.com/article.asp?article_id=5820&section_id=36&page_number=1&magind=5790 So what do you guys think? And try to keep the mindless hatin' to a minimum. Just constructive criticism/comments.
  4. Z

    Teenage girls?

    I turned 30 years old this year and find myself temporarily wasting away in the suburbs for family reasons. Anyhow, TEENAGE GIRLS are becoming a real temptation because I'm SURROUNDED by them everywhere I go. And they flirt with me regularly at the gym, the mall, movie theater, etc. I...
  5. Z

    Question about Essex (UK)

    I was just surfing some nightlife pics of this county and the women look GREAT. Just curious what the cities/women are like in Essex (specifically Chelmsford and Southend), and if people commute to London fairly easily? Thanks.
  6. Z

    Top Routines

    I've been reading up a few of these "routines" that guys use and actually think a few of them are pretty helpful in getting a conversation started or filling in the gaps when there's a break/pause. Do people want to post some killer routines they use in their game? I actually think the...
  7. Z

    Race, Sex, and "Inner Game"

    We talk a lot on here about getting our "inner games" together. To have a passion. To focus on your own successes and goals. To let your drive, masculinity, and ambition shine through and attract women to us. But this is too general, too abstract. I feel that women, often based upon their...
  8. Z

    Should you number close average looking chicks?

    I recently got back home after a jaunt in Europe and am in the process of expanding my dating pool. However, I have to admit, I've become "spoiled" after seeing the beauties over in Europe. Today, I had a brunette blushing, acting shy, giggling, and basically eating out of my hand. And I...
  9. Z

    All about German Girls!

    Recently travelling through Germany, I noticed the following: 1. German girls are either 1 and 2s or 9s and 10s. It's amazing to me how a nation can have tall stunning blondes and fat dumpy...and dare I say...midwestern American house-wife types...with hardly anything in between. 2. I...
  10. Z

    BIGGEST Lesson Learned from my 20s

    You know, sometimes the most common sense rules are the ones we often neglect to follow or plain ignore. The two rules which have really turned things around for me are: 1)The 3 second rule (obviously, not always 3 seconds but you get the point here...my guidelines for this rule are: no...
  11. Z

    Denmark - Better than anything in the US

    Just have to say, Danish women are incredibly beautiful. A 6 or 7 here is a 8 or 9 easily in Los Angeles, a city supposedly filled with beautiful women. I´m certain there isn´t a place in the U.S. that can even compare. And you can forget ***** shields, some have them but most are...
  12. Z

    Seduction-focused World Travel

    I would like to elicit the thoughts of the mature DJs on the forum regarding a topic I hold near and dear to my heart: and that is seduction-focused world travel. I will be leaving in several days for Europe for business, but with the express intent of also seducing and bedding the beautiful...
  13. Z

    Danish / Swedish DJs?

    Hey guys, I'm from the states and taking a voyage to Denmark and Sweden. Anyone local DJs in the area interested in going hunting? Cheers.