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    OLD and this virus

    I’ve been matching with tons of hot girls but hardly any of them are actually talking. Anyone else having same thing happen? I’ve done online dating for a while and usually have good success with getting girls talking and going on dates. Past few weeks or so though I’m getting matches but very...
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    Guy friends

    Anyone have guy friends that never invite you ? Me: “hey man what’s up. What you up to this weekend want to go out” Them“I’m going to the (insert name) bar” It’s never like “I’m going to this bar, you should come out” I don’t want to be like “hey cool can I come” . Feel like if they wanted...
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    City girls vs suburban/ country girls

    Something I’ve noticed recently I started the online dating thing a couple years ago.. something I’ve noticed is my “game” works really well with girls that didn’t grow up in the city but I struggle to pull girls that grew up in or very near the city (within 5-10 miles of downtown let’s say for...
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    When she suddenly goes cold

    What’s your go to? Talking with a girl only for a few weeks. Conversation has been great. She’s always blowing me up. I try not to get into long texting convos so usually take time replying. Anyways, 3 weeks in and all of sudden boom .. silence. Our text convos have been just fun nothing serious...
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    Ghosted after second date?

    First date was great. Good convo, made out at the end for a while. Couple weeks later we have a second date. Again great convo. When I go to drop her off we end up making out for like an hour. Feeling all over each other. Top off, riding on top.. Prob would have smashed if she wasn’t on her...
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    Online dating apps

    Apps like bumble etc .. What are some topics / lines you use to get the girl talking? Sometimes I have conversations that flow naturally and other times it’s like pulling teeth. Are there any topics, questions etc you use that seem to always work? I hate cheesy stuff like “tell me your best...
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    Canceled second date

    So I went out with a girl Sunday I met online. She’s 29 I’m 33. Had a good time she was already referencing future dates, qualifying herself to me in multiple ways etc. I’ve dated long enough to know she had interest .. I’d say overall her interest was a 7/10. Very attractive girl.. We had...