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  1. evan12

    Social media site TikTok to implement face control so that new users don't see ugly people

    It is not a secret, most TV shows filter unattractive people
  2. evan12

    Anyone else ever taken a break from game?

    Yes, actually that period changed my personality, while I lost some of my social confidant due to less going out , but I gained a more feeling of self worth. Also I start recovering my old hobbies that were making me happy. Started improving my self like running everyday, eating healthy , etc ...
  3. evan12

    How to deal with this? Sadomasochism

    Why you are not married ? In most parts of India getting a wife is not difficult as long as you are financially good. Try to find a submissive wife and then you dont need to be doing all this stuff that can back fire on you .
  4. evan12

    Passive income

    Why you are so conservative with your investment account ?
  5. evan12

    Is there anyone who is (or was) an operations manager?

    Learn about management style , conflict resolutions, you name it, since you have business degree, however operation manager position is not given to someone without real experience, unless it is some small business . good luck
  6. evan12

    What's the most you've ever lost in your Investments?

    Option trading , it happens many times to loose 100% of my investment , now I have rule, if options fail more than 50% sell unless you know what you are doing .
  7. evan12

    Anybody found a good way to become wealthy working for yourself?

    at 25 you should have at least full time job , if you are lazy enought to not have a full time job, you will never be a self made millionaire because that require far more hard working. if you keep looking for easy ways to make a lot of money you will fail flat. so here is ROI of some of usuall...
  8. evan12

    Anyone here wholesale real estate

    From my limited knowledge wholesale in real-estate only works in place when inventory period is high , here in Canada when houses get sold in days or weeks, no body really need wholesaler unless if the property is really bad. Some gurus make it seem very smart profession , but in fact you need...
  9. evan12

    Christians "Carrying our crosses"

    In the bible there is two meaning First one to accept there is always some suffering in life, once you accept your situation you will be more in peace. Especially if your suffering because you are doing something good Second is specific for being Christian and how can you be treated bad for...
  10. evan12

    Anyone else ever taken a break from game?

    In the days when I was single , I have took some rest from the game and women in general, I felt my self esteem improved, and start seeing my self more of value. Learned read some books ,improved my health. I think in today life when playing dating game for most men is like playing on hard...
  11. evan12

    Do you think stories like this will become much more likely as Generation Incel gets old?

    Loneliness is spreading , especially for old people , men and women. I feel sorry for them, I dont think a rich incel will die like that, as most likely he will have good retirement income to live in monitored condo, but maybe poor inceles will end up like that.
  12. evan12

    Do you think the latest trend of marijuana legalization is being done to appease frustrated incels?

    I dont think it is for the sake of incels, in fact women are the highest demographic that are increasingly going after smoking , drinking and weed.
  13. evan12

    Best way to create social circle to meet hot women

    Fix your look and personality if it need fix. Make friends Do some hobbies that women are there. Go take some courses in college Go to church Improve your social media present
  14. evan12

    Are most married guys Betas?

    He is handsome, looks now a factor for presidents
  15. evan12

    Meeting new women

    In my case it was mostly women, and only few men. All the above courses usually have to be taken by any business program, that is why I doubt there will be larg diff betwen men to women ratio.
  16. evan12

    Business owners, doing sht for free & understanding

    If it is part of your sales funnel to drive sales then no , but if you are doing it for free because you think your service is bad or you are shy to ask for money then yes. Customer aquazition cost money, and sometimes the cost of some service is worth the price of getting that person to be...
  17. evan12

    Are most married guys Betas?

    I live in Canada, and I can tell you in Canada there is too much pressure on husbands to be pets of their wives , from Canadian channels that keep insulting the manhood and men, to the banker that give you a look if you want to take any financial decision and your wife is not present even if you...
  18. evan12

    Naked Pics of Your Wife

    the new generations are sexting from early age , and by time they reach 20 maybe only virgins and kiss-less will have no nude photo shared some time in the past.
  19. evan12

    If this becomes the norm, western society is screwed

    Men is to blame too for her ego, I am sure she have thousands of followers "liking" every photo she share on her pages
  20. evan12

    Meeting new women

    Accounting and marketing are filled with women , if they ask you why you are taking the course, say I have a business and I am improving my business skills. There were some sexy ladies there, however it is a matter of luck you can refund after first lecture if you didnt like the students around...