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    Banging tons of women with no condom

    I'm thinking of just trying to get as many women pregnant as possible. Have to bang them raw dog. People I know won't be happy. Don't know what the amount of money I will be forced to pay. If I have 20 kids to all different mothers that would be awesome. People I know will hate me but who gives...
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    Getting a job

    I haven't worked for over 2 years. have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I'm tired a lot of the time. Really all I do is study poker. I love poker. Its my passion. I mostly play tournaments online and and in real life and had some success with the real life tournaments. I decided to stop since...
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    People touching my head

    Tonight people were rubbing my head touching it mostly guys. Then one guy came up to me and asked if I was into guys. I replied what does it matter. He then says I'm a good looking guy. I then ask if he's gay. He then says he likes both sexes and asks if I'm gay. I say no and he quickly hurries...
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    ****ing women with no condom?

    I'm worried about catching **** from women. I wanna **** without a condom. Hard. how do I pickup a girl in bar and then **** her raw? can we both somehow get tested at a later date and then **** hard out. I want multiple girls. I can't pickup and **** women with condoms. Its really effecting my...
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    women that wanna cheat?

    Do some married women wanna cheat on their husband? they maybe ain't getting farked and are horny and want dik. My mate found a girl who had a boyfriend and she wanted to fuk me and my mate at the same time therefore cheating on her boyfriend. I declined to turn up after my mate asked if I...
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    women starts crying laughing

    anyone else know how to make women cry when they look into your eyes? or they start laughing?