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    Lack of Respect

    About a year ago, my friend led me to this site, and I started learning. I read the Bible, I went through Bootcamp, and I grew. I started walking with my head up, looking people in the eyes, and gaining the self-respect every man deserves. I started smiling at women, then talking with women...
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    Small tits

    Howdy. My girlfriend has small tits, which doesn't bother me, and doesn't bother her. But every now and then she'll say something about her underdeveloped breasts (nothing bad, just stuff like "Man, I wish I had jugs that big" or some such) and I'll feel a little uncomfortable because I can't...
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    Prom Tips n' Tricks

    Oh its True. Prom is coming up soon ladies, and it would be best if we all posted our tried and true tricks of the trade for the night to go off just the way you want it, from a kiss goodnight, to your first time, to another notch in your belt, whatever your prerogative. I'll start out...
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    The "How to be a Man" Show

    A TV show that teaches you how to be a man? Whoa! When? Where? How? What? Who? I want in on this new show! Wrong answer Jabroni, Pro Wrestling has been around for decades. Thats right, professional wrestling is the one show on TV today that can help you be more man like. Before you start...