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  1. Cesare Cardinali

    Been seperated for 30 days..next step

    Sunk cost. no kids, time to move on. I would ghost on the next counseling session.
  2. Cesare Cardinali

    Vacationing with Wife or LTR's Family?

    In the examples I've been having and those of some friends, we're talking about those "all inclusive" mexico type vacations where you're basically in a resort with the LTR and her family. My view is that too much familiarity will breed contempt and it's better not to go, just decline politely...
  3. Cesare Cardinali

    Vacationing with Wife or LTR's Family?

    This issue seems to come up a lot for me and for some friends of mine so I thought I'd solicit opinions from other mature DJs. My opinion is as that regardless of whether you plan to marry a girl or not, it's a bad idea to vacation together unless you really want to, and even then I think...
  4. Cesare Cardinali

    10 Years at Sosuave

    i have always enjoyed your posts and debating things with you through the years. I have been here for about 9 years and your contribution has been such an asset to the board. Keep it up!
  5. Cesare Cardinali

    Could I be gay?

    You should have told your female friend to bend over. It is a well known sh*t test from women that they will accuse you of being gay because you have not shown any interest in them.
  6. Cesare Cardinali

    In Libya, being a victorious rebel means instant alphadom

    They won't be so turned on by the rebels when they force them to wear burkas!
  7. Cesare Cardinali

    The "Shaming" thread

    With all due respect guys, what is the point of focusing on all the ways that women shame men? I'm not sure what's going on with the sosuave board, but what happened to all the DJ stuff focused on becoming an awesome guy who will naturally attract great women (yes they exist). I tend to...
  8. Cesare Cardinali

    Testicles/ sperm/ question?

    well I think the only way for us to diagnose this would be if you get real close to the computer screen and dump a load on it. then we can measure if it is really 10 times more than a normal load.
  9. Cesare Cardinali

    Reputation for Being Single

    Well I think that "eternalgirlfriendlessness" is a different thing and would probably be weird. Being an "eternal bachelor" the way my pal STR8UP and I define it, is more like having an endless stream of girlfriends that you romance but never settle down with.
  10. Cesare Cardinali

    Reputation for Being Single

    There's a difference between having a reputation as an eternal bachelor who will never settle down and being a loser who can't get chicks and will be single his whole life. I think it's a good thing that she thinks of you in the category of eternal bachelor. It conveys that you get a lot of...
  11. Cesare Cardinali


    I'm not sure if I would look at chicks in a similar fashion as stocks. I would consider them more like having a particular job. You can certainly quit each job if things don't seem to be going your way, but if that keeps happening, then the common denominator is you. Therefore, you would be...
  12. Cesare Cardinali

    Ex getting abortion tomorrow

    Hey bro, you're looking at it from the chick's perspective and from that angle I agree with you. But in my world, I couldn't care less about the messed up perspective of most chicks. :) Most girls who want to abort the ex's baby will hate the ex. And also will do things to push away the...
  13. Cesare Cardinali

    Ex getting abortion tomorrow

    The problem is that you are trying to use logic when logic doesn't work on such an emotionally charged situation. Of course she's going through all kinds of conflicting emotions, guilt, hurt, sadness, pain, the list can go on and on. What she needed was a real man who could stand by her...
  14. Cesare Cardinali

    Chick withholding sex- need some perspective

    STR8UP, I've know you a long time buddy and have counted on you many times in the old days to give me some solid advice. So I say this with only the most positive intentions, but I agree that recently your posts have been very woman hating. And in fact, you mention that women at 22 are...
  15. Cesare Cardinali

    Chick withholding sex- need some perspective

    It's not so much manipulation as it is playing the game. For instance, is it manipulation when you put your best foot forward at a job interview, listing all these great accomplishments, and wearing a fancy suit? It's giving the audience what they want and both know that to an extent it's not...
  16. Cesare Cardinali

    Chick withholding sex- need some perspective

    Quote: "I guess there really WASN'T a right or wrong way to handle it" Well, I think the right way is the one that gets you to your outcome. With all due respect, I think on some level for the last while (based on your posts) your outcome has not really been to seduce women, but more so to...
  17. Cesare Cardinali

    Chick withholding sex- need some perspective

    Never try to change a girls mind. The old PUA saying is "change her mood, not her mind". And in my experience the best way to deal with something like this is to by pass her whole intellectual argument in the first place by using seduction. Of course the woman does not want to look like a...
  18. Cesare Cardinali

    Why I Hate Short Men

    In 2005 I hung out with Neil Strauss (Style) author of the book "the Game" for a weekend. He is around 5'6, bald, and very skinny. He was able to approach and pick up tons of chicks, even pull girls from their boyfriends. This was before his book came out and he was not some celebrity. In...
  19. Cesare Cardinali

    Wife goes to Club/Bar

    hahahah... dude, whenever a chick vents to her friends and makes her husband look bad to her friends she's disrespecting him and on some level breaking that trust and connection with her husband. Sort of like cheating on an emotional level. As guys though, from an evolutionary perspective, we...
  20. Cesare Cardinali

    Feminist media frenzy over philandering politicians

    Probably the wife is simply keeping up appearances for her own agenda. Either for her political career (like Hillary) or for money, or something else. For Spitzer, by the body language of the wife, I'd say she'll divorce him once all this dies down. I don't think it's fair to say that this...