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    stop caring, be sexual, results

    I have found anytime i try half stepping or asking questions instead of statements girls ignore me. When im direct, negging, being dismissive, sexual, disqualifying her she wants to prove herself more and more. It truly is a game and you need to pull the strings.
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    my journey to master don juan

    I will be posting in this thread talking about my progress, realizations, screenshots, epiphanies, and overall journey to mastering game. All advice and criticism is welcome.
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    The nice guy eagle

    Saw this on my feed and its so sad. It reminds me of nice guys. Acting all tame and pathetic. Inside we all have an instinct to kill and fvck. While we cant kill other humans, we can kill our goals and dreams. Our potential. And fvck our brains out. And if we tap into our deep masculinity, girls...
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    Confused as to what i should do with my life

    I have the confidence and patience to achieve millions. To have a ridiculous future. But I also want to bang tons of girls. The personality you need to have to bang a lot of hot girls and to achieve riches and success are completely different. One you need to be logical and mature. The other you...
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    Will i want to get married when my sex drive goes down?

    I cant ven think aobut marriage right now. Too. many. hot. young. girls. to. bang. Honestly I love sex and am planning on keeping my sex drive as high as possible. I cant even IMAGINE settling down with one girl and watching her get old while I see all these hot young girls running around when...
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    Is there such thing as "game" or just self improvement

    going to get my **** together in this area. Will report regularly.
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    No bull**** harem theead

    I made one before but this time I’m serious. I’m based smack in LA and have a ton of girls after me. Will filter one and let them know that I am seeing other girls and to see if they want to have minajes. Anyone have experience building a harem?
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    My secret garden

    Have you guys read this book? I’m blown away. I’ve always a known girls love sex more than men but not like this. I honestly am speechless.
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    Looking for wingman in Los Angeles

    Looking for cool people to go out to bars and clubs to. Maybe day game. PM me your number and we'll talk to see if we mesh well. '' ';
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    Where to meet women after college?

    I’m working now and moved to a new city (NYc to LA). I know NO ONE here. Back in Ny I had my childhood friends and college friends and met girls through college and going out with friends to clubs. Now I have no one to go out with. How do you guys meet girls or how would you meet girls in my...
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    The double trap of this site (READ)

    We are all here to get girls, but all this time spent here or trying to “game” is taking away from your future. We all KNOW that status money and looks attract. So why are we trying to game? By working on your dreams and position in life you get all that and more plus TRUE self esteem and worth...
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    Master morality and slave moraity

    I’ve faced both. Times where I get pathetic and out of control in my life I believed in equality for all. Rich people are bad. Girls liking jerks and *******s are bad. And I am the righteous one. I’m kicking ass in life now and I laugh at those beliefs. Life isn’t fair. The top 1% get the best...
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    What’s the most plates you’ve ever spinner?

    Most I’ve spinner is 5 but I think I can hold like 50 lol. World is a big place and I’m fit and young. Is it possible?
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    Girls just stop texting

    Do girls stop texting guys even those they like to test them? I know she likes me. She responds usually a minute after i text. But then she just all of a sudden stops texting me after my text. Do girls do this to see if guys will double text and to test if they are desperate?
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    Learn from my mistake

    whenever life gets good it’s because I had to go theoufh adversity. Life was sh1t so I had to man up and do hard stuff to make it good. But once it gets GOOD you get comfortable and weak. Until all that you’ve worked for dissapears. And what is left is a shell of a man. However nature and life...
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    Leaving behind loser hs friends?

    I’m 24 now and all of my hs friends are going no where. They drink smoke and do drugs all the time. Spending their time instead of investing it. Do I just ditch them and find better friends? Kind of harsh but I think I have to. What do the older guys here think?
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    Life is beautiful

    Life only seems horrible because society has kept you trapped. Go to school. Do what your told. Shut up. Listen and don’t speak. Follow the money. Do this do that. ENOUGH! Life isn’t a box. It’s open. Fluid. Constantly changing. Embrace it and ride the wave. If you’re under 17 it’s excusable...
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    Why do girls always look so anxious?

    Anyone else notice girls look like they are about to cry have the time? I know girls are more prone to depression and anxiety but it seems like it’s getting worse. Anyone else notice this?
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    how to have a high sex drive when your older?

    im 24 now and my sex drive is high as **** and i love it. Im terrified i will lose this when i am in my 30s 40s and 50s. I want to be havig great sex my whole life. Does it diminish as you get older? Are there ways to increase sex drive as you get older? Certain foods, exercises, habits:?
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    negatie social circles

    Honestly I love people as I love life but most people are total losers going nowhere in life. They may be nice people but have no ambitions as they are too comfortable. How do you guys make sure you dont get sucked into social circles where you may care about the people but their outer results...