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  1. J

    Ended a 2 year relationship, red flags and insights.

    Last night my 2ish year relationship ended with one of my plates, who I made exclusive just before starting grad school. In hind-sight I think I ignored a lot of red flags that led to this relationships demise but it was also a good learning experience since it was my longest relationship so...
  2. J

    LTRs and keeping game sharp.

    I know it's been said before, you never stop gaming even if you end up gaming your LTR. I understand that. However, should you be gaming other women with no outcome involved just to keep your game sharp? Do you guys think this is "wrong" or find it harmless play. I was toying with this idea the...
  3. J

    Red Flags + Girlfriend

    I started dating this girl, after spinning her as a plate for quite some time (since March) and things have been going pretty good. No fights, cooks for me, buys me things etc. However, there have been a few instances that just spring up as red flags when they happen. First is we went to a...
  4. J

    Moving away...

    I'm heading off to school about 2.5 hours away from my hometown. First time I'll be on my own, and I'm excited to get to experience something new, as you can't stay in your hometown for ever. Now, I want some input here. I am currently spinning about 4 plates, 1 girl I regularly hang out with...
  5. J

    Dream Destroyers

    I was recently watching a documentary, Generation Iron 2, and 8x Mr. Olympia Lee Haney was interviewed on the subject of girls and chasing dreams, specifically chasing the dream of becoming a pro bodybuilder. He says that when guys are up and coming that they should not have any thing serious...
  6. J

    Thinking with your d1ck and not your head

    This is more of "I need input on my current situation " type thread. So the game has been good to me lately and I find myself being more indifferent with women because of it. One gal from my past seemed to recently pop back into my life, I NCd her about 3 months ago because she didn't want to...
  7. J


    I've been in a great mood as of late, and I don't see this train stopping any time soon. So, i've found myself giving some genuine compliments to the women around me, and they seem receptive to it. Sosuave MasterXXXDJ : " But John, compliments are for beta male phaggotzzz! " You're right...
  8. J

    what to do in a gap year?

    What's up SS, so the time as arrived where I am finally interviewing for medical schools and I am in my official gap year. So far, everything is looking great. However, I find that without any type of schooling, I find myself bored throughout the day. I work 30-40 hours a week right now at my...
  9. J

    Not sure about this one fellas..

    Whats up suavers, hope everyone is going out and killing it this weekend. My weekend starts today. So about a month ago I get invited to go to this concert by one of my friend's sister's and their mom, sister asked me first then the mom apprently wanted to go too. Turns out today is the day, I...
  10. J

    Kino: So effective, so sedddductivee

    Went out on Saturday with my buddy, his girl, and one of her friends (who I never met). We all went out and I really had no intention of gaming this chick, but that all changed. Naturally I flirt with almost everyone and anyone, why the hell not, and touching is one of the best things to do...
  11. J

    Hobbies: more or less

    So right now I have a lot of lingering hobbies and I finally have the time to pursue them, but here is the thing: do I focus on 1 or 2 hobbies or just pursue them all? My thinking is that if I try to do them all, then I will never become any good at any particular hobby because you need a lot...
  12. J

    Observations: Things that DO NOT work.

    Hai gayz (bet you read that in your gayest voice, didnt you) Anyway, I haven't posted anything relevant to pick up in awhile so here is what I have been observing lately. Asking her to be your Valentine. - What is this sh1t? Here is what I am seeing. These three guys at work, pretty good...
  13. J


    I;ve been keeping it pretty low key lately with women, doing less pick up stuff and focusing on two goals that I really want to make happen (as of late). However, this post isn't about that sh1tttt. It;s about women damn it, a woman, a female, of the opposite sex and I had a good laugh so let me...
  14. J


    I keep seeing this acronym. , what is it?
  15. J

    What do you guys think about this?

    So last Saturday I texted this girl and asked when she was free. She said she was free wednesday thru friday. So I said Great and made a date for that Thursday (definite time, date, location etc) (yesterday). I came back from the beach a bit late so I sent her a text saying I was going to be...
  16. J

    Abstaining from sex?

    Curious. Has anyone done this for let's say 30 days? 60? 90? I know this is the opposite of what SS is about and I may be seen as some insane Christian zealot, but I'm far from. I am a scientist, by degree and by nature. I enjoy manipulating variables in different situations with different...
  17. J

    This video fixes most issues on here:

    Whats up guys, check this video out I found it quite helpful. Especially along the lines of guys with oneitis, girls with BFs, inner confidence, and why you should not ***** out when trying to pick up women. http://www.understandingrelationships.com/rejection-inner-peace-confidence/21889...
  18. J

    FR: Crazy ass girl.

    Last Saturday I was just getting out of work and this girl hits me up and asks me if I wanted to go out with her tonight to bar hop. Eh I've known this girl for almost a year, banged her a few times, she ended up being a bit crazy but I haven't seen her in awhile plus I needed a good night out...
  19. J


    Well not really. Some girl asked me to hit the bars up last night, not a big drinker here but I went out regardless. Actually had a decent time plus I knew I was going to smash after. We run into these two girls, both from my hometown that I knew before. So we get to talking and I ended up...
  20. J

    Quick # Grab

    Went out last night to grab some sushi after a bbq *weird right? **** it lol). started the night with a dude waiter then all of a suddend some cute chick came to bring us our meals. So her shirt had some sexual inuedno on it, but it was made specifically for this sushi place , a work shiRt...