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    Front vs. Back Squat

    Great thread. Thanks for the backlink. Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, and many more coaches don't have their athletes do any type of back squats. Only front squats, anderson squats, box squats. IA is right. Olympic back squats: you're lower back can round at the bottom. Some...
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    gettin bigger - constantly worrying about how u look?

    Starting training for strength as goal, it sets a different mindset.
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    Changing EFFORTS workout plan.

    “The leg press causes the pelvis to rotate away from the back rest when the weight is lowered. The resultant lumbar flexion produces herniating conditions for the disc.” - Dr. Stuart McGill, Low Back Disorders. Better check your Squat technique.
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    Quagmire911 Lifting Journal

    Common craig, you could have done that rep without help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htg0qTalGYk
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    Alternative to rows?

    barbell row technique
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    Deep Squats & Knee Pain

    Exact knee position depends on the length of your thighs/lower legs.
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    Quagmire911 Lifting Journal

    bar needs to be lower in the rack. you're losing tension when taking the barbell out of the rack. Put the upright one position lower next time.
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    Has anyone ever done a Smolov squat cycle?

    Bottom pin squats, sure you do them if you can't do box squats.
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    Quik's Workout Log

    If Quiksilver has dormant glutes (which I think he does), he'll have a hard time using them on ghr. So his hams, but also lower back will end up doing the bulk of the work. I feel his lower back has been overworked enough already during the last months. Reverse hyper is ok as long as you...
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    Quik's Workout Log

    You can do deadlifts/squats without using your glutes properly. Why do you think this would be different on ghr? This reverse hyper: http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/pend-hyper-300.jpg If you allow your feet to come forward past perpendicular with the floor, your lower back will...
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    Quik's Workout Log

    You shouldn't care about losing strength, you should care about getting rid of that back issue. It's easier to rebuild strength than starting from scratch. Avoid anything that hurts your back, some of those will be: bb rows, cleans/snatch, overhead press, deadlifts, squats, etc. Try front...
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    Has anyone ever done a Smolov squat cycle?

    I'd go for 1 heavy negative, that's it. Try the excel sheet in the post, it got weights prefilled etc. Use a bunch of plates as a box, or stones, whatever you have lying around. Else, I'd go for more power cleans, or pliometrics like depth jumps. I'd wait with burpees until after smolov...
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    Quik's Workout Log

    I'd like to see videos of you doing squats & deadlifts. Usually this is caused by increased stress on your lower back, because your glutes are not firing. Hams/lower back gets all the load. one of the two gets injured. With lifters it's often lower back, with runners (or other sports), it's...
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    Quik's Workout Log

    Matt is starting the Anabolic Diet too this week btw, you might find his anabolic diet log helpful.
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    Quik's Workout Log

    Where is it in your back Quiksilver? Can you give more info?
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    Has anyone ever done a Smolov squat cycle?

    I did smolov for front squats btw (not junior). You can do it too. Not a good idea for deadlifts, better would be smolov junior or ed coan routine.
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    Has anyone ever done a Smolov squat cycle?

    Nice progress Kerpal. These two posts might be of help: http://stronglifts.com/how-to-add-100-pounds-to-your-squat-smolov/ http://stronglifts.com/my-squat-experience-on-smolov/ Make sure you work on speed now during switching: power cleans, box squats. Some negatives too. Base mesocycle is...
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    Quagmire911 Lifting Journal

    Great, will help you out then. Good luck with the 400lbs deadlift, looking forward to that :)
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    Quagmire911 Lifting Journal

    Your deadlift would go up if your squat goes up ;) Ok good, looking forward to the smolov cycle. Let me know when you start.
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    Think I finally figured out whats wrong with my shoulder-Anyone had a pinched nerve?

    Stretch your pectoral muscles on that side. Doorway stretch. Focus on shoulderblade back & down, and stretch that pec several times a week. Might also want to do self release technique using a tennis ball for that shoulderblade.