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    Follow up on my previous situation

    Hey all, So a while ago, I made a post about a chick that was acting confusing and or possibly wasting my time. Since then I've spun plates, and had a quick fling with one of her friends. Now for the fun part. We bumped into each other at a party, I acted pretty disinterested(partly because I...
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    Could a girl you already smashed tell you that she thinks you're attractive, but also says she's emotionally unavailable due to her ex be lying?

    I already posted about this before. She stalks my IG and responds to my stories, also wants to crash at my place for a student event happening later in the month. She gives me strong eye contact, is extremely receptive to touch, but doesn't want to bang because she fears getting attached to...
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    She lets me grope her body, always wants to see me, but when I go in for the kill it's a no-go(we fvcked in the past already). Next?

    Met girl a while back. Flirted, kinoed, went back to my place and sealed the deal. Fast forward after a few weeks of hooking up, she talks about her ex(it's complicated). I make no big deal out of it, I back off and spin more plates. She starts texting me again, we meet at a party, she's...