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  1. Fatal Jay

    POF the dating site, actually works in favor of men (it's like porn for women)

    POF, you know the site, you was on there yesterday trying to bang a chick on there...... men think pof is where a woman have a choice in any man she want, which is true..........but here is how it also DESTROYS her....... POF is the female version of porn..........when a man watch porn, he...
  2. Fatal Jay

    Chick I been banging for 2 months....trying to outplay me

    You guys might think I'm in error, but I think not. It's a chick on my job, I was banging for 2 months over the summer. She is going through a divorced, kicked the hubby out..... She has a very nice ass, things was going fine until she seen me post a pic of my gf..... I notice on facebook she...
  3. Fatal Jay

    A lot of you guys on this site have low self esteem....you're defeated

    All these threads I see from you guys is sickening. All these threads about how, women have an advantage over men. NO WOMAN has an advantage over me, and I can get anyone woman I want. You guys post all these stats about how one percent of men, get all the hot women, that says alot about...
  4. Fatal Jay

    Conquering Woman is Easy, once you put your d*ck in your pocket

    I really wanted to call this thread THE NATURAL LAW OF MAN and maybe one day, down the line I will write a free ebook to all the newbies in the game..... but as I have lived on this planet for 31 years, I have came to the realization that all women are the same. YES!! all women are the...
  5. Fatal Jay

    Any Successful Bloggers here?

    Just curious, I would like to pick your brain a bit about a few things
  6. Fatal Jay

    Game of Thrones Season 7 (Are you Watching?)

    What you guys think so far of the new season?
  7. Fatal Jay

    Any drummers here? I'm 31 years old....

    with no drumming skills, and I want to learn how to play. How long does it take to get pretty good at it?
  8. Fatal Jay

    They say if you want to get rich you.....

    invest, do we have any investors on this website? I am wanting to get into stock, bonds, real estate, etc. Who on here is already deep in the game, and making good profit from this
  9. Fatal Jay

    A chick I banged and my girlfriend 10 feet away from each other

    To make a long story short, I been banging this chick on my job since the summer all the way up to december. We stayed friends and stop banging, because she wanted me to commit and I never did (she never knew I had a girlfriend, but knew I had an off and on relationship). The chick I use to...
  10. Fatal Jay

    What is your favorite cologne to bait women?

    Yes I said bait, do you have one smell or several. I am curious which one you use that get you the most compliments
  11. Fatal Jay

    Forming an elite alliance to make each other websites successful

    The reason why I ask this question, because if you have a blog then you all know how tough it is to get traffic, but the solution to all of this could be solved if all the blogs came together and worked as a team. my website is called TheStarSolace.com and even though I get comments, I desire...
  12. Fatal Jay

    What are the best feeling condoms on the market

    Just wondering what you guys use. I use the Trojan Ecstasy in the yellow box. It really does feel like their is nothing there. My only problem with those is that they feel too lose sometimes and it's too much lubrication.
  13. Fatal Jay

    How to respond, when your confronted during nc

    I'm currently in nc with a ball busting bi#ch. She always finds her way to where I am at and ask me why haven't I called or text her? How do I respond. Even though I want to really sh#t on here, I rather come up with a don juan response to keep her off my back any suggestions?
  14. Fatal Jay

    I notice when I give myself a month of not chasing women

    ......I end up with a bunch of plates once I come back to the game. What do you mean Fatal, is what your asking? This is what I mean, an entire month not thinking about a woman, not lusting after a woman (ie drooling over a woman), staying focus on all you need to focus (small things that...
  15. Fatal Jay

    We makeout but she has a boyfriend

    This is my country, me and this girl meet up all the time. We makeout, I even feel her up, but whenever I ask her to bang. She tells me "I don't know" what do you guys think about the words, I don't know? Whenever I try to go further when we make out she backs off
  16. Fatal Jay

    When a girl pulls up her pants in front of you

    Yeah, I know you think I'm crazy but I have peeped this for a long time. Lets say you have a girl with a nice ass in the past when I know a girl is not interested in me, she will pull down her shirt to cover up her ass but today at work I have two girls who pull up there pants while they knew...
  17. Fatal Jay

    Ignoring a woman (in all areas) is the only way to get her period

    I know you all heard it before, but it is so true. Attention is what a woman can not live without, no matter who she is. The amazing thing about her if you give her what she craves she is done with you. You show her too little attention she will do the exact same thing. At all angles you must...
  18. Fatal Jay

    Lifting weights two times a day, everyday

    I always hear people say lifting everyday is not good, but I have did research and seen people say they lift everyday and this is from the ripped up guys. So what is truth or what works for the next man might not work for the other?
  19. Fatal Jay

    I'm back *****s, what did I miss

    Any fights I been messing out on or have the mods clean up the mess. Sites looks good too.
  20. Fatal Jay

    I need to get in contact with a guy named jay julio

    Jay Julio use to post amazing stuff on this site. He even wrote a great ebook. Does anyone know how to contact him. He use to have his own website but I see it does not work anymore? Seem like he disappeared off the internet