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  1. Cesare Cardinali

    Vacationing with Wife or LTR's Family?

    This issue seems to come up a lot for me and for some friends of mine so I thought I'd solicit opinions from other mature DJs. My opinion is as that regardless of whether you plan to marry a girl or not, it's a bad idea to vacation together unless you really want to, and even then I think...
  2. Cesare Cardinali

    Female or Shemale?

    Hey Guys, Check out this quiz. One of the toughest I've done. LOL. I got 14/16. http://www.dr-joe.net/shemale/index.html#
  3. Cesare Cardinali

    What's the deal with the mods?

    Is it just me or have the mods been on a posting blitz cluttering the forums with a bunch of immature bullsh*t? It's one thing if the actual members are posting nonsense that we have to sift through; but now we've got mods doing it as well and putting up stickies to boot. And there's just...
  4. Cesare Cardinali

    Do most women like to be abused? LOL

    Hey bros, I'm reposting something that I posed in this new forum I've joined which deals with "polyamory". Anyways, I was lurking there for a while and responded for the first time to a post where I alluded to the fact that many women get turned on by men that treat them like sh*t. It was a...
  5. Cesare Cardinali

    Is there any way to make an LTR less serious?

    This is my first post in this forum and it's actually a situation that I'm experiencing right now with my current LTR chick and one that I have experienced since I've been about 23; so for the past three years. I'll date a chick and we'll get into an LTR and then a few weeks later she'll...
  6. Cesare Cardinali

    What's with the book length posts in the "Tips" Section

    I find it strange that our "Tips" section is full of giant posts that are more appropriate for the main discussion page. For example, here is a recent one: http://www.sosuave.com/vBulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32713&perpage=20&pagenumber=1 To me, a tip is something short and to the...
  7. Cesare Cardinali

    How do you "strenghten your core"?

    Hey Bro's, I never posted on this forum before but since learning that my pal prosemont has become a moderator, I've decided to throw some business his way....so here goes.... I just returned from a harcore hiking trip and my conditioning was pretty good. The only problem is with balance...
  8. Cesare Cardinali

    Title of the Seduction forum

    I think the title of the Seduction Forum should be changed. Use of the adjective "unusual" really depicts the topic of Seduction in a negative light. In fact, my thesauraus has the following words as synonyms: unusual, odd, strange, bizarre, abnormal, etc. I believe that this could be a...
  9. Cesare Cardinali

    I think Pook got it wrong: LTR=Dionysian Path, STR=Apollo Path

    Gentlemen, I am aware that I'll probably get flamed to death for this post; nevertheless, I'm always up for crossing swords with anyone in the name of meaningful discussion. Therefore, let us do battle.... First, let me say that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Pook's posts, however...