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    A post to all my fellow high schoolers...

    Guys, Come on. You gotta realize that your not even in the real world yet. You still got time, you still got time. You see the adults on here that are making changes, and your pissed that your not getting anywhere? Cry me a f'in river. I've come further then half this forum ever will...
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    All these new asian threads

    WTF is up with this. Has anyone noticed the late trend of Asia vs Whites on this board? In the last couple days I must have seen at least 3-4 threads with white bashing. Not to mention that new thread asking people to rate asian women from a 10post TROLL.
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    I just found out my growth plates are fused (closed). I'm 15, and I'm 5.7. My dads 5.8-5.9, and my grandpa was my height. I hope this doesn't effect my business life. I'm going to have to work bloody hard to have a completely persuasive personality against the taller crowd who has some...
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    Got the number (to an extent). Need Advice!

    So look, I don't normally ask for advice but in this situation I think it's needed. I talked to this girl the other day for the first time in years, and I completely forgot to ask for a # because I was in awe at how much she had changed. I have her # in old phone lists, but because I didn't...
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    Instant Messaging

    Is it better to be 'Away', or 'Offline'? Seems like one hell of a paradox to me :confused:
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    Gym Pick Ups - Work!

    Yes, picked up a girl at the gym today. It was fine, went smooth and had no problems. Living proof for you paranoid guys.
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    How will you propose?

    I plan on either sitting level with her, or standing up and looking down. The latter would be pretty funny, but I'd use it as a joke.
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    Naturals and LTR's

    What do you think about Naturals and LTR's in High School? Since it comes naturally and their not "reborn", is there a greater chance of them becoming a chump? Not only High school but middle school as well.
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    Women play, "The Game"?

    According to David DeAngelo there was a book released (millions sold) called "The Rules" written by two women. It explains every females behavior in this world, and girls that havn't even read it are displaying these skills most likely through peer conditioning. I don't even know what to...
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    This is exactly what we need, a forum dedicated to user's journals of field reports and whatever they feel like adding to them.
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    Where do you cold approach?

    I've started to purposely go out for cold approaches. I was at the mall for five hours today with a wing, and all we managed to find is groups (I can't isolate like that), or girls with moms. Yes, I sat 10m away watching a 9 eye me to death as I knew her mom was returning any moment to have...
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    Chump to Champ V1.0

    We all gather here to discuss tactics and various methods of the art of 'Seduction' . Art is as much personalized as your genetical make up, which means that whatever works for yourself is not going to work for someone else all the time. On a side note however, genetic make up in all human...
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    High school girls are not worth it.

    I've come to the conclusion that high school girls are too immature and close minded to accept any of my DJ techniques, even though girls in their 20's look at me as if I'm a total mack. I'm taking my concentration out of this area and putting it somewhere else that's well deserved. If an...
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    Abolishing Laziness

    Here are the top five ways I've found to abolishing laziness. 1) Take a shower first thing in the morning. By taking a shower, you wake yourself up and realize that the day has started. It's not a time to fool around and laze around the house. 2) Put on clothes! Alot of us walk around the...
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    Where do you boys do your approaches?

    Face the Jury, BuddyPic, Hot or Not..so many beauitful ladies. Though when it comes to finding that standard where I live, I can't. I honestly even at the mall on a Saturday, will find one attractive girl for every 15 I see. That ratio sucks ass. Where do you guys do your approaches?
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    The One Track Mind - Analyzing the Don Juans real purpose

    Question: Why do you want to have success with women? Is it because you see other people, your friends, famous celebrities, with the most attractive females that you desire? Or is it because you genuinely want to engage in a sexual act with that woman. The majority of you will say it's the...
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    I find everyone I know so immature. In one way or another, at least. Even my best friend is starting to tick me off alot! He has major mood swings for no reasons what so ever. Same with other people I know. I try to be optimistic all day long, but man I don't think I've met one person that I...
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    Comfort Zone for foreigners. Need help.

    How much comfort do you need to create for a foreign girl opposed to someone who already lives in the country? There's one I'm DJ'ing right now but I'm not quite sure, I thought a couple extra touches (I have them up my sleeve ready for use), however I don't want to get SO comfortable that a...
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    Getting girls on the dancefloor.

    Originally posted by myself (R3N3GAD3) on the bodybuilding.com forums located at http://forums.bodybuilding.com. ____________________________________________________ One girl / Group of girls (bigger then 2) - Walk up. Put your hand on her shoulder (kino), smile (make her feel...
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    Got Age?

    Ok, here it goes. I was at a dance, grinding with every 8+ girl in sight, when I finally got to this one that I just clicked with. As it goes, we grinded groping each other for like, an hour. And then afterwards were macking for a good 15 minutes in front of like, everyone. Anyways, knowing...