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    Dealing with a women when she is depressed.

    Ignore it or tell her off? Yes, those are the only two options. Coddling her is the worst damn thing you can do. Pounding her ***** isn't going to work either because she doesn't want you to fix her problems. The best option in my opinion is to just not give a ****.
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    Jealousy from Hobbies - Video Games

    How do you guys deal with a girl that becomes jealous/controlling over your hobbies? Lets say for example you spend a few hours a week with your hobbies. In my case, it's playing video games that makes my girl jealous. In fact, she has said to me that she is fighting for my attention...
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    A formula for Vaginal orgasms?

    Anyone here have any tips on giving your woman a vaginal orgasm? I've read many articles on the net, but I'm just not satisfied with any of the answers. The problem I have right now is that I'm with a girl who can't stop thinking about this one time I was with her. Apparently her body was...
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    Popular Culture and the Media

    If you want success with your life and with women stop paying attention to popular culture and the media. Please stop it. I see so many articles on the internet and even threads on this site that are brainwashing. If you really want to break free from the desperation then you first...
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    At least 1 in 4 American teen girls has sex transmitted disease.

    http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8VBB9D00&show_article=1 beware of those americanized hoes. more reason to just Next them all.
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    too much hair

    how do you guys tell a girl that she has too much hair on her pu-ssy and she needs to shave it off? Most girls will say, "I don't want to do that because it will itch?" Ever encounter a hairy p-ussy? if so what did you do about it? It is my view that girls should keep it very trim or...
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    add this one to your dj game

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PKndk7vu-E&feature=related anyone here actually think they could pull something like this off
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    Who was the greater man?

    The dead man who was a lover of many women and no children or The dead man that loved only one woman and had many children?
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    Some simple advice and thanks

    Here is some advice I have to all of those people who are still her trying to figure out women. 1. Show yourself some respect and next all the girls in your life (yes every one of them) even the ones you are thinking about asking. They are all hors. Ignore them etc. Why else would you...
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    We only date ugly men

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,11000-2007230354,00.html could these guys just be DJs or do you think these women are just using them as their pet AFCs?
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    When a girl is too good to be true

    Have any of you guys ever had a woman that is just too damn good to be true? Just wondering because for some reason I just can't seem to relax and accept that she is actually an amazing girl. Perhaps it is just because I am so used of americaned hors that My gut instincts are telling me...
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    when she says, "you're a sweet heart"

    Recently I found an old email file from a few years ago (during my AFC days) and I started to read the messages girls sent me back then. The common thing they all told me was that I was sweet or that I was a sweet heart. I then became clear to me that if a girl says to you that you are...
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    how many women are hors?

    The question is simple. How many women are hors?
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    Do you find women predictable?

    How many of you can honestly say that they understand women? What I mean is do you find them to be predictable? I know that popular culture promotes the idea that women can't be understood but I don't agree.
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    Valentines day & roses.

    Here are my thoughts on sending flowers to a girl on valentines day 1. Hors that you are ****ing don't get flowers. If you get them flowers then you are basically paying for sex. 2. You are already dating her. That rights, all you afcs that think you can get the girl if you send...
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    HAHAH - suzan b anthony's legacy. feminist bitich ass

    I don't know who did this but... I am laughing my ass off right now. Hats off to this person! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_B._Anthony I wonder if LMS had something to do with this ... lol
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    Women with Wifey Skills

    For me a woman must have a fair number of wifey skills. The problem is that most women today don't learn them or their mothers don't teach them. I have a friend who is Greek and his wife is lazy. She doesn't cook and clean, and she dresses in black most of the time. When her mother...
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    Make that chick show High IL after LJBF

    To keep this short, I meet a chick and started talking to her on the phone. Took her out a few times to have coffee and never made much of a move on her. Then we had a conversation and I asked her flat out if she was interested. She said that she just wanted to be friends. Anyway...
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    I asked, "Are you a virgin?"

    Yes that is right. I did that the other night with a girl. I just asked her cold like that. She didn't react badly at all. She told me that she wasn't a virgin and that she felt really bad about the entire thing when it happened. She also tried to tell me that she didn't enjoy it...
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    AFCs here is a tip

    If you are sad and in pain over a girl or feeling very desperate to love then the fact is you are NOT ready for her or any woman. Having a woman won't heal your wounds it will only cover it up.