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  1. ThinkerG

    How does a dude get a chick like THIS?

    They actually look like they match really well...
  2. ThinkerG

    Trash talking ex

    It’s more like “here we go again boys” but it’s ok, this is a must. Everything youve said so far demonstrates low value, denial and just lost. Most people start here, you’re just lost but with research and effort you can achieve a rebirth. You must unplug first. I’d start by reading the rational...
  3. ThinkerG

    Messed up guys, definitely need some advice on recovery here...

    Wtf??! Never do this haha never cuss her out and call her a B...were you being serious ?? Getting upset or irate is you being a weak a$$ b1tch. Be firm, calm, masculine, Control your emotions and control the outcome.
  4. ThinkerG

    Find your leauge and play in it.

    Haha I’m not, must just be a Coincidence. Anyone who hasn’t read the rational male by rollo tomassi is seriously missing out though. 1,2,3 books are gold..should be a staple in any mans red pill knowledge journey
  5. ThinkerG

    Find your leauge and play in it.

    You don’t go to podcasts, you just listen wherever you want. Do you know who rolls tomassi is? Because the premise is identical until you said millionaires and handsome dudes don’t get flaked on but ok bro.
  6. ThinkerG

    Find your leauge and play in it.

    For anyone who wants real insight in this topic just go to rollos podcast because that’s exactly where he got it from. It’s was live the other day. And to correct you, “handsome millionaires” do get flakes on. Money and looks gets your foot in the door but if you’re a “beta” then she’ll still...
  7. ThinkerG

    My Game Backfired Last Night

    Why does everyone make things so complicated? Forget anti seduction, forget ignoring her, forget using her for a few lays if she wants a relationship. Why put someone through that, I mean go ahead but you reap what you sow. It’s 2020 bro, there’s no respect In lying for puzzy. Quality and low...
  8. ThinkerG

    Meditation = SEX & POWER

    You’re lost bro
  9. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    What the fvck are you talking about? Everything you wrote was the dumbest sh!t I’ve read all week. That’s impressive. You’re a nut job for sure. You’re only mentioning one tiny piece of the whole equation. Are you telling me out of his entire post that was your only take away? Then yes I would...
  10. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    No one said they didn’t. Men use women for sex as well....we all know this. Most of the time for woman, they crave the validation and emotion brings to them IF and WHEN they are on the rebound. The point you guys are missing is this girl was FORCED to be away from bf. She was banging op not for...
  11. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    Well yeah, The only reason we are all here is for arguments sake. We cannot feel each other’s pain so it’s all for discussion. After one date I definitely don’t think that far into the future. If I like her cool I’ll see where it goes and if not then that’s where it ends. I don’t know anybody...
  12. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    You couldn’t handle intellect.You’re embarrassing yourself, just stop. See ya.
  13. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    We all know women love sex. This guy is acting like it’s a secret. In THIS case op turned her off and she’s on the rebound...that’s it. And the three date bs is not hurt. I don’t guard sh!t, I live and know when to expect from human nature. It’s better now he realizes the truth than to be in an...
  14. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    Hahaha, ok. Dudes can’t except the fact the...SHE JUST DONT WANT YOU. He turned her off. Bro, you’re as average as they come. I normally don’t like insulting people but you need a dose of reality. You think you’re intelligent but off, I bet you think you’re good with the ladies too. It’s ok...
  15. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    She is not using him for sex. She is using him to fill a void, for validation, for company to avoid loneliness. She didn’t like him. For someone who says “learn more, talk less” you sure talk a lot. You literally don’t know what you’re even talking about. All your concepts are waay off.
  16. ThinkerG

    So I was a rebound

    Bro we’ve all been there. No guy should be hurting after three fvcking dates, that means your mental isnt right. If you think he can’t take this kind of help you might as well just call him a puzzy to his face. Trust me, he will find it encouraging and beneficial. I don’t really give a sh!t what...