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  1. XThrax

    Basis of Strong LTRs

    I've been in my thought cabinet lately thinking about what makes a strong LTR. Recently some of my distant family members who I thought had good LTR / marriages really has it turned out was on shaky ground. And I thought to myself "What makes a good LTR?" The kind that lasts 50 years to a...
  2. XThrax

    Red pill for women on marriage

    I recently finished an audio book entitled Marriage a history, how love conquered marriage. A lot of people say how bad things are compared to the past but if you indulge in history you will find it has always been in flux. Even more unsettling our morality about what is right and wrong about...
  3. XThrax

    Bang music

    After doing this a few times I started realizing my list was short and getting kind of stale for me during sex. This is what I have been using so far but I want input from sosuve. What do you guys listen to while banging? On a personal note Dile al Amor is at the top of my list because I love...
  4. XThrax

    I need more help

    Specifically with night game. I recently found a decent venue with good sex ratios and the women are young good looking and are available. In fact I was approached two times without me really doing anything. Even with that said I still struggle with the process. I have been going to bars and a...
  5. XThrax

    Commitment Ceremonies

    Has anyone ever been in or know of someone who was in a Commitment Ceremony? I was reading article where a couple would commit themselves before god, family and friends, but without the legal licence. If you have I am curious about your thoughts and opinions. How is the relationship working or...
  6. XThrax

    Have you been attracted to women who are not beautiful?

    The longer I do this the longer i see cases where I see this girl/woman and clearly she will not win any beauty pageants but my instincts tell me "That one". Everyone loves an HB9 or hB10 but sometime I've seen a woman a decade or two past my age and I find myself wondering. Sometime I wonder...
  7. XThrax

    Flakes but buys me drinks

    I dated a woman who asked me to lunch. After a few times we rescheduled we finally had a drink together. She paid for my drink because of how flaky she was being. So we are about to be on the second date and everything seems good, I do some planning to end the night at my place. She flakes...
  8. XThrax

    Spinning plates to LTR

    How many months, years do you guys wait to transition to exclusive LTR with a woman if she seems like good material. I am sure it depends on the woman/circumstance. Just want to see if you guys have a rule of thumb.
  9. XThrax

    Orlando meetup

    Hey people if you are ever in Orlando I host a international and travelers Meetup group that meets certain Fridays in downtown Orlando. If you are ever in the area be sure to swing by. We can talk about what we are both doing in game and the types of women we encountered across the world. I can...
  10. XThrax

    Best way to remember a woman's name

    I was talking to this woman in one of my favorite bars and she told me her name and 5 seconds later I could not recall it. I still cant. What do you guys do to remember a woman's name? It might seem kind of strange If I bring scratch paper and and a pencil lol.
  11. XThrax

    Issues with escalation/isolation

    I have improved my approaches over the last few months within night game. But I keep running into the same problem. For example... I might be talking to this girl for a little while but I cant decided when its time to "Hey lets talk over there" isolation move. Or a situation when I am with a...
  12. XThrax

    So Suave for men and women

    So I have spent the last week or two en Europe and its been great. Almost every night there is an international meetup for locals and expats and the like to mingle and socialize. It never fails that we get on the topic of the dating scene and both men and women talk about what its like here...
  13. XThrax

    Approaches perday - Perweek

    How many approaches do you guy do in a week or a day on average. I find that I can only do 1-3 per week due to my job, the small number of encounters I have. I only have a small number of encounters because I only like certain women and I only have the weekend to really dedicate time for...
  14. XThrax

    Federal judge rules male-only draft is unconstitutional

    CNN: Federal judge rules male-only draft is unconstitutional. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/25/politics/male-only-draft-unconstitutional/index.html If I were younger I would be happy there is less chance of getting picked.
  15. XThrax

    Time between plates

    So I am about to embark on a journey between London and Paris. Partly because I have never been, partly because I can retrace the steps of one of my heros, Benjamin Franklin, and partly to bang. So as of right now I have 10 ladies between [HB]7-10 who are willing to take time off of work, pay...
  16. XThrax

    Anyone else get this feeling?

    I was doing approaches in a bar tonight and around the time of 11 a ton of people flooded in. And I noticed my social energy dropped from about a 7 out of 10 to 0. I felt drained and that I had to step outside. I also noticed my self confidence dropped. Negative thoughts like "I cant do this."...
  17. XThrax

    Loud Bars

    So I deiced to try some night game and hit a few bars downtown. I actually made an approach in one of them but I ran into the issue of the atmosphere loudness. The music and chatter from the people made the conversation difficult without shouting. The conversation went like this... Me: *tap*...
  18. XThrax

    The 48 Laws of power

    Hello Sirs and good day, I am with the Church of Power and I am here today to tell you about Power’s benefits. I have seen many posts on the SoSuave forum and in books like the Rational Male quote the Laws of Power but few seem to dive into it. And so, for a few minutes out of your day I would...
  19. XThrax

    Game Niches, hunting grounds

    Name some of your top Niche areas when you are on the hunt again. Not talking about Bars or clubs. Talking about your own personal hunting ground that fits your style and you find bangable women often. Churchs, Bookshops, Meetups, Weddings, ect.
  20. XThrax


    So after reading The Rational Male and Game by Roosh I felt as though I had reconditioned my mind to be more effective. A few days I found woman who had high attraction for me. She messaged me first online and she was about a 7 on my radar and had a cheerful attitude. In less than 24 hours she...