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    How can people be racist?

    You know Atom....maybe it's just me,but I can't shake the feeling that this thread is probably gonna have to be locked up soon. Hard as we try to allow members to have respectful dialogue,just never seems to turn out that way. Oh well......we tried.
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    Toilet paper rant:

    I don't understand it either. I recently went to 3 dollar general stores,the shelves were COMPLETELY CLEAN in the tissue aisle. Maybe the virus gives you diarrhea or something......I have no idea.
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    How does a dude get a chick like THIS?

    Second chance for Biggoal? Sir? Are YOU SERIOUS? You're an ACTIVE member here. Did you somehow miss his hundreds of threads? Not see member after member give reply after reply after reply trying to help him? Did you somehow miss his 300+ reply threads? You have ANY idea of how much flack us...
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    Trump is so stupid that he doesn't realize that folks are making fun of him by meming him into Nero

    Teh,if you think that's crazy,look at what Katie Hopkins said about Trump's "grab'em by the p*ssy" comment.
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    That was an AMAZING post. Congratulations on becoming a father. It's rare to see a thread where someone achieved happiness that wasn't related to getting women or sex. Congrats again.
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    Firs date - should I next her for this?

    Dude..... is the fact that she didn't offer to pay really THAT BIG of a deal? I can see it now....... You're out, hanging with your friends, one of them asked you what you did the night before,and you tell them you had a date with a beautiful woman. You even show them a picture of her, and...
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    This chick is fine, she's a 10

    Ok..... You crazy.
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    Guys who get jealous and such lol.

    Are those the ONLY TWO options? A "player",or men 35,40,and up? Surely there must be other choices for a 15/16 year old teen.
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    What happened to sazc?

    Yep. She was just going to see if she could help him out in his dating with advice and tips in person since they lived near each other,but he went nuts constantly sending her private messages and harassing her. So much.....to the point we had to temporarily ban him. It's one thing to scare a...
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    Don't know what is going on with this girl (and myself)

    Umm....ok? Sir.....(and I use that term sparingly)... You ARE MALE......... aren't you? Sir....you're waiting in vain. You have to do THE WORK to get to a mindset of "not giving a fvck". That's why you're still no farther along now than you were when you joined up here almost 8 years ago...
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    Guys who get jealous and such lol.

    Well, you said she's under 18........ and that's a minor. And with the way the world is today,with sexual predators and pedophiles out there,he's likely just looking out for his daughter/granddaughter..... doesn't have anything to do with jealousy. Most people think a man 35+ years old looking...
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    What to do if she has a boyfriend...?

    Go find somebody else. Ok,sir.....got a question here....... You say you met this girl....felt some chemistry......then you two "HUNG OUT A BUNCH OF TIMES". And during all those times you two hung out,she never mentioned having a boyfriend. Sir,why didn't you make any type of move or ask...
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    I want to be a father one day...

    That right there is THE WORST THING a WIFE could ever do for her children. She may not have realized it,but she likely had just UNKNOWINGLY sowned a psychological seed of destruction in her kids.....AND in the marriage.
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    Anyone has link to the thread of autistic guy that everyone was convinced hes trolling

    You meeeeean....this? https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/how-do-you-get-over.259634/post-2640318 If you go to the OP (original post),you'll find the Op's username is "B0redandl0nely".
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    Merry Christmas to everyone

    Thanks Glass. Merry Christmas to you too,and enjoy the new year.
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    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    Well that's weird......I've never heard of a "friendzone" like that before. What did she mean when he said talk about "what happened"......did she mean the three dates you two had,or the remark you made about how she likely went out with another guy when she told you she went to the chick-flick...
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    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    Yep,I agree. I have a PHD in Friendzonology. I used to get friendzoned ALL the time,and this one error,this one mistake of not being upfront about my intentions was the SOLE REASON it kept happening. I read this guy's thread like 3 or 4 times...read it over and over again to try to see exactly...
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    42 yr old HB9 just replied to me on match

    I don't know......I mean,I've always thought of Sandra Smith as a 9. Course,she's 39......not 42.
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    Would you mack the gals from "Florida Girls"?

    Come on man....that chick higher than a 6. 7.5 to 8 range. At least in that pic.