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    MSN users

    I'm guessing LA...
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    How would you handle this situation?

    "Are you trying to kill me?! :D"
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    Club: Be the PIMP

    If you can say: with a serious face in a noisy club and have a good response, I will pay you five dollars.
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    Meeting women (Bar scene)

    No, your right. Quit with the clubs/bars. They're full of egotistical AFC's and girls on an ego trip.
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    She didn't know it was a date? (She's not even blonde)

    A) She's a pyscho (very possible) B) You did sometihng wrong (very possible) You also asked her where she wanted to go in the car. Bad idea.
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    Anyone striving to be filthy rich?

    Prenup my good man.
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    Too young.
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    Sammo Transformed - Week 1

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    System that is best for videogames.

    Somewhat, but Quake III requires a higher framerate IMO.
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    :rolleyes: Shut up and put some wrok into it, jesus.
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    my attempt on my 100 women approach

    You can't wait for an opportunity, create one yourself. If they're walking the other direction, call them out. "Hey ladies, I didn't even say anything and your walking away. How rude!"
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    Don't get frustrated with Girls in highschool

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. High school girls are dumb$hits.
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    System that is best for videogames.

    You misinterpreted my statement. I was making a comparison between the requirements of Diablo II and Quake III due to advancements in technology.
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    System that is best for videogames.

    Game consoles are universal and everyone's is the same (other then hard drive size and other tweaks). PC's are not. This means in a short ammount of time you will be out of date in regards to the demandments of the newer games (Quake III console in comparison to Diablo II's).
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    Been to jail/know someone in jail?

    Crazy. Random home invasion or did they know the guys?
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    Been to jail/know someone in jail?

    Strong boy! If you don't mind saying, what did he die from? Sound's like the system isn't as aweful as the movies make it seem, bu it sounds pretty bad in general.
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    Been to jail/know someone in jail?

    Awwwwwww, Wildfyre ;) How much does he weigh? Also, you hear alot about rape and ****, is that real?
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    Could Someone Help Make Me a Workout Plan?

    How much weight can you add to your barbell?
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    How to stop overanalyzing?

    You need to keep analyzing until the dj'ing you becomes internalized. You'll know when this happens.
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    what do you make of this website

    Begginers should work each bodypart once a week. Intermediate should bump it up to twice. Google "Doggcrapp" and see waht you find.