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    The_411's workout regime from portly to svelte

    Started on 10/1/14 Goal is to be shredded but the main consideration is to lose the excess weight and get myself into optimal health. First two weeks will be strictly low impact cardio to get myself back to a routine and clean out my system. After two weeks I'll incorporate yoga, weights...
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    Went out with a chick about 5 weeks ago then took her took lunch did a dinner/dancing date got her all worke dup but she said she was too tired but wanted to be at her best for sex. Flash forward to this last weekend we went out on Sat doing wine tasting went back to her parents house constant...
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    What's the difference between ....

    Saying you're seeing someone and you're dating someone?
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    A bit confused ....

    Here's the summary of what happened. Met girl online chatted with girl via e-mail C&F was going so well girl just gave up her number and e-mail. Called girl and caught her out with a "friend" She said hey can I call you back tomorrow. I was a little AFCish and said sure whatever...