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    How Would You Respond

    Trying to take this girl out. I suggested going for a drink tomorrow and her response was "Ugghh - I went to a gig last night and drank way more than I was intending. I don't want to even think about drink right now". This is the second time she's knocked back the offer to go out (she gave a...
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    What to say..

    Normally I don't struggle coming up with things to say but I am now. Some back story. I was getting tattooed a few months back and got talking to one of the female tattooists guesting at the studio. However it turned out that the guy (also guesting) that was tattooing me was her boyfriend so...
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    Did she seriously lose interest that quickly?

    Matched with this girl on Tinder last week. She asked what do I do for fun to which I replied "Hopefully you". She said good answer so I asked when we having 'fun' then. She sent me her address and told me to come over the next night. Perfect it was my birthday that day, so she said she'd have...
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    Woman's logic

    It's crazy man. Was seeing this girl (hanging out. Sleeping with each other) for the past month or so. On Saturday she asked if I was still in town after an event and wanted to come for a drink with her and her friend. It was on my way home so I stopped by. Her friend knew we were seeing each...
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    Call her out on her bull****?

    So basically a few months back I matched with this girl on Tinder (I know, I know). After several flakes (red flag) we eventually go on a date. Ends with a kiss and she seems really up for another date. Try scheduling again and she's back to her flaky behaviour. Tell her to hit me up when you...