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    Interesting reads https://www.forbes.com/sites/kimelsesser/2019/09/05/the-latest-consequence-of-metoo-not-hiring-women/?fbclid=IwAR0rzwJm2rDW_Cs2mvm0qZamUpZmLipNszTIAUgmNgb9HCsiHgm7ZN5jm-8#3362f8af280b...
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    Indifference …….your best option

    I recently asked a woman out, she is 50 has two kids at home. I am 52, no kids at home The event was a two day event, we could go Saturday night 6-10pm or Sunday 2-5 pm. I made this clear, and said either option was fine with me. That was Tuesday night - she seemed quite excited, very...
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    So, the year has ended, and Karma has arrived

    Divorced 13 years ago. She filed. She pulled a lot of dirty dirty schittt which I won't go into, and tried to siphon all the money out of me she could. I did pretty well all in all financially. She moved in with a guy about 8 months after the split. Was it set up in advance? Probably. Because...
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    Try this on for size

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    How much did menopause affect the sex lives of the women you date?

    I don't ever recall seeing this topic posted here. I am getting to the age where the women I date will be going into menopause. Tell me how it affected the lives of the women you date. Ladies chime in as well @BeExcellent
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    More Donavan

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    I like this guy

    Spits the truth
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    Original article, then analysis

    Enjoy https://www.bolde.com/ive-gotten-blown-off-men-much-lately-im-literally-questioning-everything/
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    Social Media has changed things

    Another poster made a thread about how men in the past didn't have to work so hard for women, and how social media has changed things. I think he is seriously onto something. Women now get their attention fix from Social media, and can access that attention worldwide. The fake world of social...
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    The older I get, the more I realize INDIFFERENCE is what is required when dealing with/attracting women. Not to say that I have MASTERED it, because I haven't. But when I mull it over, if you can be indifferent when dating, it solves most of your problems/creates attraction. INDIFFERENCE...
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    Breadcrumbing and attention-seeking

    How do you handle it? I have been quite frustrated lately with this. Slow returning texts, etc. My thoughts are it is low interest or game playing As frustrating as it is, the only solution I have come up with is to tell them "Give me call when you are free to get together" and then...
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    Let's talk age differences

    I know everyone wants to post that they are 77 and date 21 year old women. I have had my daughter's friends tell her that "your Dad is hot" That is just an off the cuff comment, that I am attractive...…...for my age. But I don't believe any of them want to have a relationship with someone...
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    Had a flake

    Plans were made to go to her place Saturday evening and spend the night. (we have already had sex numerous times over the years, dated for awhile 4 years ago, had sex a couple weeks ago.) 4:30 she cancels, says it has been a real rough week and she has to decline I said "Sorry to hear that, what...
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    Women only interested in sex - SS Ladies contribute

    This thread is for everyone, but I would like to hear the ladie's view. Are there women, who due to a busy life, child obligations, etc...…..quite content with just a FWB situation? Men always assume women DEMAND a relationship.....but it makes sense to me there are some women, who due to...
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    Article for discussion

    When the shoe is on the other foot...... https://www.bolde.com/ive-gotten-blown-off-men-much-lately-im-literally-questioning-everything/
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    Good Youtube channels

    I get a lot of value from Dating Guy The Love Chat
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    Interesting video, give me your thoughts

    I have been watching this guy for awhile, have a watch
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    Interesting channel

    This guy interviews women, and then interprets their answers. Very interesting channel. Give me your opinions on this one:
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    Thoughts on this channel???

    Does anyone else follow this channel? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwD__1zcIfzVL6l2I5uBdg