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  1. cola

    Ways to keep improving yourself during the corona virus:

    Work - Out: Here gyms are closed, but that’s not going to stop me. I’ve borrowed some dumbbells from my friend and I intend on using them along with body weight exercises four days a week just like usual. Read: Get your read on boys, let’s soak up this knowledge. I plan in reading The...
  2. cola

    Toilet paper rant:

    My main job is for a major energy drink company and my job is basically to get our product on as many shelf’s, in as many stores as I can. With that being said, I am in and out of the grocery store all day and my question is What the **** is wrong with Americans? Why toilet paper? I don’t...
  3. cola

    Let’s talk about marijuana

    Why is it that billy bob can get off a 10 hour shift and drink 12 coors beers and fall asleep in the tub but I can’t work the same 10 hours, do better work and take 2 tokes to mellow out when i get home without a random drug test being shoved down my throat? its so dumb, Thoughts?
  4. cola


    1. Vulgarity Being vulgar, crass is a habit of peasants. This isn’t noble. It’s not how a man carry’s himself. Refrain from excessive vulgarity. It makes you come off as a commoner. Speak positively. Speak life. Kind words of compassion. If you have no kind words, use no words. 2. Self...
  5. cola

    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    So I’ve wanted to post this thread for literally years! But never knew if it would violate forum terms, I think it would solve a ton of problems on this forum. I think some of us aren’t getting the results we want because your look needs a little tweaking, we are all diamonds in the rough. So...
  6. cola

    The hard truth many of you need to hear: 8 reasons you aren’t successful with women.

    Why you aren’t doing well on OLD/Bars/Social Circle: 1.) You are over weight. Being a fat guy puts you right at the bottom. It’s one of the worst things you can be. While there are some chicks who dig fat guys you are severely limiting yourself by being overweight and or having a large...
  7. cola

    Read this with an open mind: Legalizing prostitution could fix everything.

    Sexless marriages: Wife’s would suddenly enjoy sex again if they knew that you could stop at “Colas Brothel” on the way home and get a sloppy wet blow job Divorce rate: Many men marry just for the sex, just like many women marry for the stability. Let’s be honest, about 70% of non red pill guys...
  8. cola

    Automated world in 40-50 years

    It’s 2069. We have made technological leaps and we live in an almost completely autonomous world. We no longer go to stores, our favorite stores are on tablet like devices that connect to large warehouses and when you order a product from home it’s delivered in minutes via drone. When you want...
  9. cola

    Here is how you get a long term relationship that is fulfilling and has minimal drama

    Step one: The start of the relationship You are spinning plates, have a harem of women but are starting to feel unfulfilled. After a while it all starts to get old. The dates, communicating with so many different women, so you decide you want a long term relationship. The first step isn’t...
  10. cola

    75% of my dates end with a lay. Here is how I do it.

    Step one: Setting the tone The first step is in the pre-date convo. It is imperative that you get sex to come up as a conversation through text or phone convo. You aren’t trying to come off as a creep or be overly perverse. All we are doing here is planting seeds. it doesn’t have to be direct...
  11. cola

    Find your leauge and play in it.

    People are doing you a disservice by telling you that you can get girls of a high status if you yourself are low status. I’m here to inform you that there is a such thing as leagues, and it’s quite possible if she is playing games with you, you ain’t in hers. Do you honestly think a fitness...
  12. cola

    What do you do for a living?

    Some of you I know what you do, but I’m curious what fields you guys are in. So what do you do, tell us a little about your job, how old you are, how many years on the job and are you content with your job. This also could be a good networking thread to meet people in a similar field and...
  13. cola

    @Shepays quote “men attract, women seduce”

    @ShePays you had a quote in a thread in which you said men attract and women seduce and I personally thought it was a profound statement and wanted you to expound on that concept as I thought it’s a good topic to explore for the good of the community.
  14. cola

    Want to bench press 315

    6’1 235 lbs 30 years old. My bench press has always sucked. Benching hurts my shoulders so it’s hard for me to do it. My current max bench is 265 for 1, I can rep out 225. Trying to get to 315(for reps) in the next six months. Any Tips? Also I have freakishly long arms, I notice all the guys...
  15. cola

    Anyone here a sales rockstar?

    Ok so to the point: Career shift, got a job offer for sales. If I hit quota we are talking 70k including base. That’s 70k in the northeast(not NY or DC) so that’s a pretty comfortable life for a single guy no kids. Top 10% earn six figures. Its door to door sales. I want to crush it. I want to...
  16. cola

    Anyone live a minimalist/low consumption life style?

    Anyone explored minimalism? I’d like to become a minimalist for two reasons: 1. to become a power saver, the idea of having a lot of money saved makes me feel comfortable. Boss acting like a d*ck? You don’t have to put up with that when you have 80 grand in the bank, because even if it takes...
  17. cola

    Come smoke weed with me..

    Short and to the point, some of my easiest lays have been “come smoke weed with me” .. EASY way to get them to the house and weed makes women horny.. literally 0 cost lays, as I was gonna smoke weather they came or not.
  18. cola

    Text tip

    Work on getting your entire point across in less than 2 lines. Paragraphs are needy..
  19. cola

    Tinder advice

    Pay for boosts. Paid for boost 10 matches in a half hr.. So many guys are on tinder girls aren't even seeing your profile
  20. cola

    Boring dates.. You have to give them a FOMO factor with dates

    You have to think outside the box.. Dinner and movies is boring .. Think more like white water rafting, Skydiving, amusement parks Concerts for dates.. You can get concert tickets for most artists for 100$ if you get them early.. Tell a girl you wanna take her to a concert she will not...