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  1. cola

    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    It’s evolved from a fitness guide, to coaching biggoal to now a cookbook. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
  2. cola

    Registered in 2001(then left for about 8-9 years) came back for a few, but haven't posted since about 2012, been in LTR/Marriage. Well damn it

    If you guys had 8 years of mostly good times, it was a worthwhile experience. what people don’t get is people change, you aren’t the same person 10 years ago and sometimes after 10 years people grow apart and that’s ok. if you took precautions to not get divorce raped then I say all is well...
  3. cola

    How would you answer when a girl ask you this?

    “I lost count, I only remember the ones who were good in bed”.. which is actually true but they don’t think so.
  4. cola

    How Serious Is This Disrespect?

    Reread my post I edited yes, you are right an hour before the date is crazy you shouldn’t have went. But I wouldn’t necessarily next.
  5. cola

    How Serious Is This Disrespect?

    @soulforge This is like the most common sh*t test. You passed it, and should’ve went on the date and got your reward after(sex). Edit: I wanted to elaborate on this further for guys who don’t understand what happened here, why this is the most common sht test and how to pass it. You’ll meet a...
  6. cola


    Man, the best way to do it is to get two friends and each of the three of you pay for one monthly service and trade the passwords.. But if that’s not an option and you must choose one it’s Netflix, hands down.
  7. cola

    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    Dude, you always accuse others of not reading your posts or rather digesting the information. But it seems to be you who isn’t articulating what we are saying. The virus is serious, but for the younger population it just isn’t much more serious than a bad cold at worst. However, if you are over...
  8. cola

    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    There is no macho bullsh*t. Everything I am telling you is backed by data quoted by professionals. I am listening to doctors. You are spreading unnecessary fear and it’s not cool. Find me one documented case of anyone under 50 and without an underlying condition dying from corona virus?
  9. cola

    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    Bro, you don’t know what you are talking about. Not a SINGLE person In the WORLD has died without the above mentioned criteria. Over 50 or underlying health condition. You are the one spreading misinformation. Relax. Of course it’s worst than the flu but 98% of people are not going to die from...
  10. cola

    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    Unless you have an underlying health condition or are over 55 you are fine. Relax.
  11. cola

    Ways to keep improving yourself during the corona virus:

    Work - Out: Here gyms are closed, but that’s not going to stop me. I’ve borrowed some dumbbells from my friend and I intend on using them along with body weight exercises four days a week just like usual. Read: Get your read on boys, let’s soak up this knowledge. I plan in reading The...
  12. cola

    Toilet paper rant:

    My main job is for a major energy drink company and my job is basically to get our product on as many shelf’s, in as many stores as I can. With that being said, I am in and out of the grocery store all day and my question is What the **** is wrong with Americans? Why toilet paper? I don’t...
  13. cola

    How would you do in this situation?

    That’s just absurd, Medina.
  14. cola

    Most of the good ones are taken?

    Your education means sh*t when there are plumbers making 90k a year and garbage truck drivers pulling 70k, so forget about that when it comes to women. Looks are subjective, you may not think he is hot but she does. Yes your observation is correct, most good wife material women are snatched up...
  15. cola

    Small dilemma - help

    obviously I’m going to say 2..
  16. cola

    Small dilemma - help

    There is no big risk cause you don’t even know her, you shouldn’t even be emotionally invested enough to care ..
  17. cola

    Small dilemma - help

    Nothing you’re f*cked, because now you have promised her a job and you look like you were full of sh*t from the beginning. The only way to salvage this and have her as a plate is to be forthcoming. “Look, I gave it some thought and I can’t date you and have you as an employee and I’d honestly...
  18. cola

    Small dilemma - help

    You are the man, what are your intentions? is the question. Which role would she be more useful in? As an employee or a plate? I’m telling you that it’s risky to have her as both and proceed at the risk of your own peril.
  19. cola

    How would you do in this situation?

    Not true? You think if you start dating she’s gonna have a face full of makeup every time you see her?
  20. cola

    Small dilemma - help

    1.) As soon as you felt attracted to her you should not have mentioned needing someone to work for you, you don’t mix the two. 2.) You said she is girlfriend material after meeting her at a bar for a few hours how could you possibly know that? You need to tell her straight up you can either...