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    Post Shoulder Surgery - Building Shoulder Bulk

    Dig the face pull stuff. Meeting with a PT to discuss. Thanks, from one swimmer to another.
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    Post Shoulder Surgery - Building Shoulder Bulk

    I’ve done band work for years. Started free weights again a few months ago. PT suggestion makes sense. Didn’t really think about having a pro do some load tests.
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    Post Shoulder Surgery - Building Shoulder Bulk

    Doing a lot of those, as is.
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    Post Shoulder Surgery - Building Shoulder Bulk

    I had a right and left shoulder surgery 9 years ago. Anterior dislocation right shoulder. Posterior on left. (I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years, which blows your shoulders out - very common), Any suggestions for low impact shoulder exercises for building bulk. Particularly rear deltoids...
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    Early 30s with solid career - Going back to school - Worth it?

    I was making just under $100k in my late 20's/early 30's. I didn't have tons of GFs, but the ones I did have seemed entirely loyal/devoted, etc. I quit my career for a passion project. I'm now in my late 30's with a differnt degree. Starting over is hard. Earning half of what you did a decade...
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    Girl off OLD gives me a straight invite to her place with no meetup...should I be cautious?

    Had that same thing happen a few times lately. Played along with the text game for a while. But finally when they begged I told them there is no such thing as a chick that desperate to bone a stranger. But that prosties with pimp boyfriends like to rob good h@rney dudes. One chick never wrote...
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    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?

    “More than a few. Fewer than you think.” I read that in a similar post a while back. Started using it. Helps to let the chick know your confident but not Patient Zero for some new STD.
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    What do you do for a living?

    Winemaker. Napa Valley. 38years old. 6 years in this career. Very fulfilling but, it’s Napa so competition is intense. It’s my second career. Did tech sales/sales management for 12 years before in San Francisco.
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    Any wingmen in Bay Area/North Bay (Napa/Sonoma)

    Looking to meet other DJs/Red Pill guys in the Bay Area. All of my current friends are married, pretty beta and are useless for meeting women. I’m in Napa Valley but travel around the Bay regularly.
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    Looking for Don Juans in San Francisco

    Hey Dude. I’m up in Napa Valley but I come down to the Bay almost every weekend. I’m definitely trying to meet other DJs/Red Pill guys. The Bay has a massive void in this area. Let me know. 7079781997
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    Hey dude. I’m in Napa Valley but occasionally come up to the Sac area. 7079781997
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    we will all die from wuhan virus

    I suggest reading The Plague, by Albert Camus. Moral of the story: we’re all gonna die.
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    NLP - Telling woman, “you wanna f*** me.”

    You are shooting yourself in the foot with this. "no good"+"family"+"sex" "you decide you want to fvck him" "its never happened" in her head = he is right, not going to happen, his family is bad and he is not telling you any truth, being open or honest.” Actually, you're not far off...
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    NLP - Telling woman, “you wanna f*** me.”

    Been working on an NLP talk track/hypnosis method. Basically, on interview dates, when a woman asks about my family, etc. I say, “I don’t answer those questions.” when she asks why, I explain: “no good can come from it. . . . Honestly, when was the last time a guy said anything about his...