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  1. Infern0

    Cola's pic thread got me thinking

    My issue hasn't ever been about attracting women moreso it was keeping them in my life in a way that was positive. I have improved that pretty good, still not perfect but overall a lot better than I used to be.
  2. Infern0

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    Nah but it puts them on the back foot with you immediately and then it's just a case of keeping them there.
  3. Infern0

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    The best tinder opener is "have more going for you than your ass" Trust
  4. Infern0

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    Your excuses are tiresome biggoal. You have been given sound advice again and again, if you'd spent half the time you do posting repetitively on here, in the gym lifting, and putting work into yourself, you might have got somewhere. You need to start listening, and actioning the advice you are...
  5. Infern0

    rant of the day about caroline flack

    My suggestion is to just ignore it and carry on. Don't engage with women like this, don't engage with their fans, don't give it any air. Keep it moving.
  6. Infern0

    I have not met a forum with as many better guys as yous.

    I agree, we have our differences and the odd wind up merchant but we are a band of brothers
  7. Infern0

    If you want to get in shape watch this

    If you are trolling I recommend you look at the word under my username, if not I suggest you watch the video again and this time, listen.
  8. Infern0

    If you want to get in shape watch this

    Watch the vid, he explains what to do if that's the case
  9. Infern0

    If you want to get in shape watch this

    Best vid I've seen for noobs starting out, no bro science, simple, easy to understand, basic.
  10. Infern0

    Feminism is mens fault/ No Fap

    Nofap has a purpose but it's not for everyone. Say you take 3 guys One is a raging alcoholic The other is a fairly heavy drinker The last just has the odd beer here and there One of those guys will see massive change from quitting booze The middle one might see a bit of improvement The last...
  11. Infern0

    Starting to disagree more and more with PUA tactics

    As I've gotten older and gained more experience, I've found that success with women tends to be an organic result of a life being well lived. I see the following as the important areas which if they are out of balance will hold you back. 1. Healthy mind/inner peace 2. Career/Goals being...
  12. Infern0

    How Do You Deal With Lonliness?

    I honestly don't really feel it. I was an only child and as such I LOVE my own space, if I'm in a RS or even seriously seeing a chick it cuts down on my alone time which makes me really itchy. Even if I REALLY like a girl after like 24 hours with her in my head I'm thinking please go away for a...
  13. Infern0

    Dolph Lundgren's new gf

    Smash and gap dolphie boy
  14. Infern0

    Female Height increasing?

    I reckon if I ever have kids it will be by one of those Amazon types, good genes to pass on
  15. Infern0

    Female Height increasing?

    Something I've noticed recently, now I'm 6'2" and change so not a short guy, not mega tall but fairly tall Girls under say 20 years old I'm seeing more and more of them who are clearly at least 6'0" which used to be a rarity just 10 years ago. I saw one today working in the door in K mart who...
  16. Infern0

    What is the deal with men that revel in being a cuckold?

    It's reinforcing low self esteem and self worth. You know how a lot of girls have Daddy Issues and become sluts? In our modern society with third wave feminism and the marginalization of the alpha male, this is how the male version of Daddy Issues manifests. Mental illness rates are at all time...